Tottenham succeeded in hijacking Danzuma, which was influential in Everton

Tottenham is expected to succeed in reinforcing their striker by beating Everton.

Reporter David Onstein of the global ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 24th (Korean time), “Tottenham succeeded in hijacking Arnaut Danjuma, who was a strong player in Everton.”

Tottenham, which has been sluggish since the World Cup break, has not yet been reinforced in the transfer market this winter. It is a frustrating situation for Tottenham, who has been moving with a focus on the transfer market.

Fortunately for Tottenham, in a difficult situation, Everton intercepted Danzuma, who was influential. Dan Juma is a striker who made his professional debut for PSV in 2015 in Int Hoven.

Danjuma, who is mainly active in the central striker and left striker positions, has been active for Bournemouth until the 2019-2021 season in the past. After his team’s relegation, he has been very active since transferring to Villarreal, raising his stock price.

Danjuma, who scored 16 goals and 4 assists last season, was very active in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), scoring goals against Juventus and Bayern Munich, leading the team to the semifinals. 헤라카지노

Despite this performance, Danjuma continued to push for a return to England. In particular, during the transfer market this winter, it is known that the player himself visited England.

In particular, in the case of Everton, it is known that they have actually completed the medical test. Onstein emphasized that it was a hijacking, saying, “Tottenham beat Everton to sign Danzuma.”

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