There are more regrettable defeats, even ones like “I gave away the points too easily”…Toro of a man.

 I gave the score too easily.”

Every day is as intense as walking on thin ice.꽁머니 It is the KIA Tigers who are at the center of the middle-ranking battle.

KIA will play the second game of the weekend series against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 12th.

The previous day, KIA lost 1-7. An Chi-Hong-Jung-Hoon’s home run gave up 2 points first, and after that, it was easy to miss the victory due to additional runs overlapping with defensive errors.

In a situation where the score went up to 0-5, Ko Jong-wook’s timely hit caught up with one point, but that was the end. It collapsed again giving an extra point. Even after putting in key reliever pitchers such as Jang Hyeon-shik and Kim Ki-hoon, the atmosphere was not changed. It was even more painful because it was the first game in the series.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, whom I met before the game, also expressed regret. Manager Kim said, “I gave up a point too easily. I have to win one or two more points and pull out the opponent’s winning team…” and said, “It was a more regrettable game even though I lost.”

“Lotte has prepared well, and there was a persistent aspect when attacking Panoni. They increased the number of pitches a lot, and even though they threw well, they hit home runs… The problem was that they made good saves, but there were a lot of pitches in the beginning.”

An Chi-Hong’s home run, which actually won the first run, was also a one-hit shot after going up to 10 pitches after hitting 4 consecutive fouls. Director Kim looked back and said, “So it would have been fine if I had caught another out, but Chi Hong hit well.”

“In the case of a mistake, (Choi) Won-joon was trying to catch the preceding runner, and Socrates’ first mistake was unfortunate. Even if he threw it accurately, the runner couldn’t move.

Manager Kim emphasized, “I hit a lot of hits, but the connection was disappointing.

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