The unbroken Naero Nambul of the Chukhyeop… “The essence of room 2701 is a lie”

What if the Football Association’s mandatory trainer B had a license?

2701 will only exist in the players’ memories. Just like the 2018 World Cup warm-up and the 2019 Asian Cup finals.

The Football Association doesn’t seem to know the core of the problem yet. Or are you pretending not to know?

The beginning of this situation is Naero Nambul of the Chukhyeop. That there was an unqualified trainer inside the medical team. This is the moment when the only opposing logic of the Chukhyeop collapsed.

Again, what if the livestock cooperative duty trainer had a license?

The players would not have raised a problem with the Chukhyup. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have wasted time with meetings and meetings the day before the Ghana match. I would have just focused on the game. 메이저사이트

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