“The tournament I watched on TV, we have to beat the US and Japan” WBC’s ‘Ace of Glasses’ promise

KBO announced the final 30-man list for the 2023 WBC national team on the 4th. Park Se-woong also wore the Taegeuk mark. From the 2017 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to the WBC. Park Se-woong will once again compete in an international competition. Park Se-woong, who was contacted by Spot TV News, said, “It is an honor for him to be selected for the national team. I feel a sense of responsibility as well.”

The news of joining the national team came early. To prepare for the tournament, the KBO delivered the WBC official ball in advance. He had time to get used to his hand feel before the competition. Park Se-woong said, “I received an individual contact. It was not the final joining, but I heard that I could go to the WBC. I thought I should prepare well. Since I was in the final list, I will try harder.” “I am still using the official ball. The stitches are thinner than the official ball in the KBO League.

Park Se-woong is already participating in his third international competition. However, considering the size and level of the competition, the WBC has the upper hand. In Japan, Shohei Otani and Yu Darvish will participate, and in the United States, major league resources such as Clayton Kershaw and Muki Betts will participate. Against this, Korea also tried to gather the most elite members among available resources, and Park Se-woong was also selected as one of the 30 members.

Park Se-woong said, “It’s not the first national team, but the WBC is the biggest baseball tournament. The pride is that high. I’m looking forward to it. Rather than wanting to win against major league players, it’s more important for the Korean national team to win. We have to defeat Japan or the United States. I will do it,” he promised the team victory.

He ended up participating in the WBC tournament he had been watching on TV screens as a child. Park Se-woong watched his seniors write the legend of semifinals in the 2006 invitational competition and runner-up in the 2009 competition. He said, “I was also playing baseball, and I grew up watching the WBC. I thought that I would like to play someday. I want to achieve good results like my seniors.”

Park Se-woong is heading to the WBC with his teammate Kim Won-joong. He said, “I always talk a lot with Wonjoong hyung. He often says, ‘I think the time has come for us to be the main players in the team.’안전놀이터

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