The dialect of the 6.5 billion FA, the ‘pleasant diss’ of the legendary catcher and the 400 million catcher… “I was from Seoul at KIA”, “I’m not from Gangwon-do”

At the LG Twins spring camp, battery coach Park Kyung-wan and catchers Heo Do-hwan and Park Dong-won suddenly burst into laughter, followed by a pleasant dialect argument.

On the 8th (hereinafter Korean time), the LG Spring Camp is being held at the San Francisco Giants Baseball Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

On this day, LG pitchers pitched the bullpen. Lastly, national team member Jung Woo-young pitched in the bullpen, and Park Dong-won received the ball.

Coach Park Kyung-wan said to Park Dong-won, “On days like today when Woo-young’s arm doesn’t cross well (he’s in a bad condition), you have to move a lot. Sit down more,” he said. Afterwards, Jung Woo-young came in full with the slider outside.

Coach Park said, “Depending on your movements, Wooyoung’s target changes little by little. You need to know how to change the target. He advised, “You have to move instead of just saying that the ball will come right there.” .

Park Dong-won said he was slightly worried. He said, “I wait for a ball that is full to the body and then a ball that falls outward, but what if it comes to the body and I can’t catch it? If you throw it too far,” he said. Then Coach Park said, “I have to catch it, I have to run instead of doing what if I can’t catch it,” and said, “I can’t help it with a ball that I can’t catch.” 안전놀이터

Park Dong-won caught the ball and said, “Okay, it’s so good. Now,” he said over and over again. Then, Heo Do-hwan, who was standing next to him, suddenly burst into laughter. When asked why he was smiling, Heo Do-hwan said, “I really like it. now. He giggled, saying, “It’s funny how he uses Seoul dialect while talking.”

When Park Dong-won said, “I thought all the kids at KIA were from Seoul,” Heo Do-hwan scolded him, saying, “Why are you from Seoul?”

Park Dong-won said, “KIA saw me and asked if I was from Seoul. When he said, “I don’t speak a dialect,” Heo Do-hwan smiled even more and told Coach Park, “Everyone says he’s a Seoulite while speaking a dialect.”

Coach Park was curious and asked Dong-Won Park, “Where are you from?”, and Do-Hwan Heo replied, “(He) is from Busan” instead. Coach Park said with a slightly surprised expression and voice, “Is it Gyeongsang Province? I thought you were from Gangwon-do,” he teased slightly.

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