Suwon’s Park Ji-yoo, Gurye Women’s Chrysanthemum Wrestling 2nd Chrysanthemum Class First Flower Kamaama

‘Rookie’ Park Ji-yoo (19, Suwon Special City Wrestling Association) won her first ever jangsa title in the second chrysanthemum class 메이저사이트 (70 kg and under) at the 15th Gurye National Women’s Cheonha Jangsa Tournament.

Park Ji-yoo, coached by Kim San, won the final of the secondary chrysanthemum class on the third day of the tournament at the Gurye Indoor Gymnasium in Jeollanam-do on Tuesday, defeating Kang Eun-byul (21, Yongin City Wrestling Association) in the first two bouts by submission to win 2-0 and lift the trophy.

Earlier in the day, Park Ji-yoo defeated Nam Hye-jung (Gyeongnam Wrestling Association) 2-0 in the quarterfinals, while Kang Eun-byul (Daejeon Wrestling Association) dismissed Yoon Soo-yeon (Daejeon Wrestling Association) 2-0 to reach the final.

Lee Chun-hee, president of the Suwon City Wrestling Association, who visited the site and encouraged the athletes, said, “It’s great that two of our female athletes who started wrestling in clubs reached the finals and won the championship and runner-up.” “In the future, the association will continue to spare no effort to support the development of wrestling in Suwon City by fostering professional athletes and expanding the base of enthusiasts,” he said.

In the final match of the 2nd plum weight class, Lee Hyun-min (Gimpo City Wrestling Association) won the first match with a front knee strike against Kim Soo-hyun (Suwon City Wrestling Association), and then finished the second match with a left badge to win 2-0 and take the title.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun-byul in the plum weight class (60kg and under) and Kim Da-hye in the chrysanthemum weight class (Ansan City Hall) won their first two bouts against Kim Si-woo (Gurye County Hall) and Park Min-ji (Yeongdong County Hall), respectively, in the finals, but dropped the next two bouts to finish 1-2 and remain runners-up.

Kim Solomon Ji-hye (Yongin Wrestling Association), who competed in the 2nd Mugunghwa class (80㎏ and under), won her first bout against Lee Hyun-ah (Daegu City Wrestling Association), but had to settle for second place after conceding a ground and pound and losing 1:2.

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