Suwon FC is aiming for a turnaround in the second half of the year, FW Bauterson + DF Gomes ‘recruiting simultaneously’

Suwon FC, which dreams of a rebound in the second half, succeeded in reinforcing offense and defense.

Suwon FC recruited two players on the 7th. First, he embraced Bautersson as a striker. Bautersson is a Brazilian flanker who can play 메이저놀이터순위 aggressively from the side based on physical conditions of 180cm and 72kg, and is capable of creating an offensive route with his personal skills
He is considered to be good at playing using his teammates.

Bautersson played as a side striker in and out of Portugal’s first and second divisions at FC Pamalikang (2018-2020) and Morayrens FC (2020-2023), and in particular, his former team Morayrens FC played a major role in the promotion of the team to the first division.

“As it’s my first time in the K League, I think I should play with more passion,” Bautersson said. “I joined the team late, but I will try to adapt quickly and work together through active communication with my team members,” he said.

Regarding the recruitment, Suwon FC manager Kim Do-kyun said, “I think we will be able to expand our management in terms of team tactics as an intelligent and reckless player. He also said, “As I have a lot of experience in the Portuguese league, I expect to show good performance in Suwon FC.”

The defender is Hugo Gomes. Gomes is a Brazilian national central defender who has strong interpersonal defense and airball competition capabilities based on his 187cm and 81kg physique, and has the ability to enhance the team’s stability.

Gomez started his career in the Portuguese second division as a member of FC Pamalikang (2018-2019), and showed his key performances in the team with Barzing SC (2019-2020), GD Estoril Freia (2020-2021), Hiuav FC (2021-2022), and Moreyren FC (2022-2023).

In particular, he has contributed greatly to the promotion of his team three times in a row over the past three years, and based on this experience, he is considered a player with the ability to strengthen Suwon FC’s defensive line.

Gomes said, “I’m looking forward to joining the K-League for the first time, where many Brazilian players played. “I will do my best to minimize the team’s loss by maximizing my ability,” he said.

Regarding the recruitment of Gomes, head coach Kim Do-kyun said, “He is a good player as a central defender. “I think we can add stability to the team based on our ability to control the overall defense and interpersonal defense,” he said, expressing expectations.

Suwon FC is currently ranked 10th in the K League 1 with 5 wins, 4 draws and 11 losses (19 points). The 10th and 11th places will have a promotion playoff, and the 12th place will be a direct relegation. It is four points behind ninth-ranked Incheon United (23 points), five points behind 11th-ranked Gangwon FC (14 points), and nine points behind 12th-ranked Suwon Samsung (10 points).

Suwon FC hopes that the recruitment of Bautersson and Gomez will be a “reversal card.”

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