‘Superstar Kang Baek-ho → Rookie of the Year Jeong Cheol-won’ 5 years ago, the super-popular Drap, the sun is coming to Busan

Five years ago, only Kang Baek-ho (KT Wiz) was visible. Now that I see it, it is full of fools. Can the Lotte Giants also be the beneficiaries of the ‘big hit draft’?

The 2018 rookie draft was called the ‘Kang Baek-ho Draft’. Attention was focused on Kang Baek-ho, the talent of a self-proclaimed superstar. Kang Baek-ho hit 29 homers in the first year of his debut, and in 2021 he became the main player in the combined championship. He is a star who will hold the center of gravity not only in his team but also in the national team.

But now Kang Baek-ho is not everything. The 10 clubs are full of real players.

Jeong Cheol-won (Doosan Bears), who won the rookie award last year, is a representative example. Lee Jae-won and Moon Seong-joo (LG Twins) were recognized for their potential and emerged as the future of the team’s batting line. Shin Min-hyeok and Kim Young-gyu (NC Dinos) have established themselves as a key pitcher in the starting and bullpen. Jung Eun-won (Hanwha Eagles) has grown into a central player in the team. 슬롯사이트

On the other hand, the achievements of the Lotte Giants are still ambiguous. Lee Seung-heon, who emerged as an axis of selection, and Choo Jae-hyun, an outfield star, decided to resolve their military service first after facing injuries and the wall of the first team, respectively. Expectations are high for ‘Rising Fastball’ Choi Geon (Choi Geon), who was recruited through a trade, but nothing has been shown yet. At least, Kim Do-gyu established himself as a key pitcher in the bullpen last year, but he is recovering after undergoing elbow surgery at the end of last year.

Will Jung Sung-jong, who wore a Lotte uniform in the second round of the second round of understanding, join the glory of the 2018 draft? Lotte is in a position to fill the void as Kim Yoo-young (LG), who played an active part in the pursuit team last year, was selected as a compensation player for FA catcher Yoo Kang-nam. Kim Yoo-young appeared in 68 games last year, digested 51 innings, and played an active role with an average ERA of 5.65 with 5 wins, 2 losses and 13 holds.

Pitching coach Bae Young-soo is skeptical of the need for a ‘one-point relief for left-handers’. Coach Bae’s point of view is that a good thrower, whether left-handed or right-handed, is good.

However, the story is different if you are a left-handed hitter specialist. A Lotte official said, “Look forward to Jung Sung-jong this year.” He has a two-seam in the late 140km range and a changeup with a large drop. The explanation is that despite being a right-handed pitcher, the mechanism to shake left-handed hitters is excellent.

Now is the time to show off the skills of a six-year college graduate pitcher. Recently, the successive star births of the draft mates also motivate Jeong Seong-jong to make up his mind. The determination to make this year a turning point with Choi Lee-jun stands out.

First step well done. We safely boarded the spring camp leading to Guam-Ishigaki-Okinawa.

This year’s Lotte Mound boasts the best depth in recent years. Stray Barnes Park Se-woong, Han Hyun-hee, and Na Kyun-ahn are expected to make up the rotation at the beginning of the season. Lee In-bok, who will return from injury, and new rookie Lee Min-seok, Seo Jun-won, are also strong. Kim Jin-wook, who underwent a selection test for two years, is not tight enough to be fixed in the bullpen.

Choi Jun-yong, Koo Seung-min and Kim Won-joong’s back door are also impressive. The growth of Choi Yi-joon, Jin Seung-hyun, and Yoon Seong-bin is also expected. Veterans such as Cha Woo-chan, Kim Sang-soo, Shin Jeong-rak, Yoon Myeong-jun, and Moon Gyeong-chan are supporting him. The pitching staff is the basis for Lotte manager Larry Sutton’s confidence in “advancing to the Korean Series.” Will Jung Seong-jong and Choi Yi-jun be able to fulfill their roles?

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