Super Rookie Kim Do-young blasts 125-meter grand slam…Futures hit for 3rd straight game

Second-year Kia Tigers player Kim Do-young is preparing for his return to the first team by hitting big in the Futures League.

Kim Do-young 꽁머니지급 started at first base against Lotte’s second team in the Futures League at Hampyeong Stadium on April 21.

Lotte opened the scoring in the first inning with three consecutive hits from Shin Yun-hoo, Jung Dae-sun, and Lee Jung-hoon. In the bottom of the inning, KIA quickly tied the game.

Kim Do-young smashed a 139-kilometer fastball over the center field fence for a solo home run off Lotte starter Jang Se-jin on the first pitch. It traveled 125 meters.

Kim made his first post-rehab appearance in the Futures League with Lotte on Oct. 20, and showed good at-bats in the first game, going 2-for-3 with a double and a triple. On the 21st, he went 1-for-3 against Lotte’s second team.

He hit a big home run in his first at-bat.

In the second game of the opening series against SSG, Kim suffered a metacarpal fracture in his left foot while running the bases. He has been rehabbing for over two months and has been playing in rehab games in the Futures League.

Kim’s main positions are shortstop and third base,토토체험머니 but he has been playing second base in the Futures League. With second baseman Kim Sun-bin out with an injury, coach Kim Jong-guk said that Kim could also play second base if he makes the first team.

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