“Sony, the standard of fake number nine!”…Rigid left → Center closer to the goal → Contributing more goals, solving the Kane problem without spending too much money! “Tottenham needs to keep its fingernails”

Tottenham defeated Burnley 5-2 in the fourth round of the English Premier League (EPL). Riding a three-game winning streak, Spurs moved into second place in the league with three wins and a draw. Tottenham’s ‘surge’.

With the departure of star striker Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, this was a pivotal game for Tottenham, as it confirmed their ability to fully fill Kane’s void. The ‘nails’ proved it.

Until the last three rounds, Tottenham’s front line was made up of the Frenchman. But it didn’t work. He hadn’t scored a single goal in the EPL. Enze Postecoglou made a change against Burnley in the fourth round. He started Son Heung-min up front instead of Heysel.

The ‘nail’ worked immediately. There was no adjustment period, no trial and error. Son scored a hat trick. Everyone knew who Kane’s replacement was. The “nail tactic” received endless praise from the British media.카지노

Tribal Football, a website specializing in European professional soccer, reviewed Nails once again on July 15 and sang its praises.

“Postecoglou’s solution to the problem of Kane’s departure was to play him up front for the first three games, but in the fourth game, he played Son Heung-min up front and Manor Solomon on the left wing,” the publication explained.

“With Son in the center, we were more aggressive and energetic in the front areas, and we also played a fake number nine where he dropped deep to receive the ball, which allowed the other strikers to get into the space he left open. He was also good at running in behind and defending, which was even more effective when you have a creative midfielder like James Maddison behind him.”

“By playing him up top, Postecoglou was able to get closer to the goal and look more threatening from the rigid left side. Heung-min was able to contribute more to the goal. It means that when we play him centrally, he can score from all areas of the field, from the flanks and from the center. This had a huge impact on the game.”

“With Son up top, Postecoglou was able to solve the Kane problem without spending a lot of money in the transfer market,” he concluded.

As for Postecoglou, “He led a remarkable transformation from the closed philosophy under Antonio Conte last season in a short space of time, which is a testament to his leadership. He has built a team that looks ruthless in attack and doesn’t stop when they score a goal, they want to score more.”

Tottenham will face Sheffield United at home in the fifth round on May 16. “They will want to keep Son Heung-min up front,” the publication said.

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