Son Heung-min, meet as a close friend… ‘Reverse offer’ to other EPL clubs

Moura seems to have been pushed out of the current Tottenham main competition. Manager Antonio Conte seems to prioritize the names of Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevski, and Richarlison on the flanks when drafting the starting list. If there are players who cannot participate, the alternatives are Brian Hill and Ivan Perisic. In this season, due to repeated injuries and sluggishness, Moura has been playing as a substitute rather than a starter or has been omitted from the list.

It’s not a sudden thing. Moura has been classified as a replacement resource rather than a starter since Kulusevski joined last season and solidified his position. In the pre-season, which was spent preparing for this season, Moura also showed a role as a wingback rather than a winger. It was a move to find a breakthrough through a position change. However, even this has been reduced to a fourth option as coach Conte prefers Emerson Royal and Matt Doherty to the right wingback position, and Jed Spence is newly recruited. It was virtually impossible for him to play as a right wingback.

먹튀검증 He looks like he will eventually leave Tottenham. The terms of Moura’s contract include an option for Tottenham to extend for another year, but Tottenham are unlikely to trigger it. This is what Conte himself said at a press conference ahead of the North London derby against Arsenal. Conte said at the time: “It is the club’s decision not to trigger the extension option. It is a matter for the club to decide and I respect the club’s decision.”

Amid rumors of a return to Brazil, there was a story that Tottenham had ‘reverse-offered’ Moura to Everton. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Tottenham have proposed signing Moura to Everton.” He seems to have decided that it is better to collect the transfer fee even if he is sent to a club in the same Premier League (EPL) than sending him without a transfer fee because the contract period has expired.

He’s up to Everton’s pick. Everton are said to be interested in Villarreal winger Arnaud Danjuma. However, there are many teams that want Danzuma, so there is a good chance that Everton will turn to Moura if they fail to recruit Danzuma.

If Moura leaves for Everton, Tottenham players, including Son Heung-min, will meet Moura as an enemy.

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