Saving 122 billion won because two people leave… Barca, you’ve got some free time

Barcelona sent two players and greatly reduced their weekly wages.

Barcelona have been struggling with financial problems for some time. It suffered from repeated failures in the transfer market and negligent management by former management. As the team’s situation got worse and worse, Barcelona prepared transfer funds by activating the ‘economic lever’ by selling broadcasting rights in advance to recruit players in the transfer market last summer. However, there were still concerns due to the expensive weekly wages of the players. 메이저놀이터

Moreover, since Spain’s La Liga operated a salary cap system that limited players’ salaries below a certain level, Barcelona faced a situation where they had to lower the players’ weekly wages.

Fortunately, players who receive high wages have left the team, so they can afford it. Britain’s ‘Bissaker’ said, “Barcelona’s sports director Matteu Allemani appeared at a press conference with President Juan Laporta. Allemani analyzed Barcelona’s books at the press conference and the departure of Gerard Pique and Antoine Griezmann. He explained that it was a big help in terms of the team’s salary. Thanks to the departure of the two players, Barcelona is saving 90 million euros (approximately 122.1 billion won) in salaries.”

Pique announced his retirement, and Griezmann left for Atlético Madrid. Two players have left, but both Pique and Griezmann have already received high weekly wages, so Barcelona can save a considerable amount.

“We let players go and lowered the club’s wages as a whole. Griezmann and Piquet were worth 90 million euros and with them leaving we were able to reduce that amount,” explained Alemani.

Barcelona plans to focus on stabilizing its finances. ‘Bissaker’ said, “Barcelona did not bring in any players in the winter transfer window, but worked hard to send Memphis Depay and Hector Bellerin. Also, Barcelona adheres to Financial Fair Play (FFP) and “We are looking for a way to stabilize the salary system so that we can sign players in the transfer market.”

Depay and Bellerin left for Atletico and Sporting CP respectively. The departure of the two players seems to have been of great help to Barcelona, ​​like Pique and Griezmann.

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