“San Diego, if you’re going to do this, why didn’t you trade?” US media criticized…

 The San Diego Padres’ advance to the postseason was virtually eliminated.

San Diego lost 2-7 against the 2023 소닉카지노 Major League Baseball San Francisco Giants held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA on the 1st (Korean time). San Diego, which failed to break the chain of three consecutive losses, recorded 62 wins and 73 losses.

With this loss, San Diego was ranked 4th in the National League West Division and 7th in the Wild Card Series. To qualify for the postseason, you need to finish in the top three in the wild card, but San Diego was farther down the leaderboard. According to the American baseball statistics site ‘Fangraph.com’, San Diego’s chance of advancing to the postseason is only 0.5%.

It is a scenario that was not expected even last winter. San Diego went 89-73 last year. He climbed to second place in the wild card and stepped on the postseason stage, and achieved the feat of advancing to the championship series by defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division Series.

Based on its performance in the postseason, San Diego can dream bigger. To achieve the goal of advancing to the World Series and beyond, a large number of big-time players were recruited. As the effects of recruiting top players in the league, such as slugger Juan Soto and special closer Josh Hader, were already revealed ahead of the 2022 trade deadline, they began to strengthen their strength on a large scale throughout the winter. Extension contracts were signed with internal players such as Manny Machado and Yu Darvish, and Xander Bogaerts was also recruited.

However, fall in San Diego is expected to be colder than ever. This is because it has become virtually impossible to advance to the postseason, let alone win the World Series. Local media criticized San Diego’s poor performance and criticized the company’s choice not to trade players whose contracts were about to expire.

MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, said, “A month ago, San Diego was at a crossroads. The trade deadline was approaching, but they had not decided on a direction. They traded players whose contracts were about to expire, such as Hader, Blake Snell, and Seth Lugo, to secure their future. “It could have been strengthened, but San Diego didn’t make that choice,” he said, pointing out that San Diego did not make a move in the trade market.

Even on the 2nd of last month, the trade deadline, San Diego’s chances of advancing to the postseason were low. Therefore, it appeared that they would acquire prospects by trading key players, but San Diego did not step forward as a seller.

Rather, he focused on making up for insufficient positions in the trade market. He expressed his will to challenge for the presidency by recruiting a large number of players, including Ji-Man Choi, Rich Hill, Garrett Cooper, and Scott Barlow. However, the reality is that all of them are suffering from injuries and sluggishness and are unable to perform well.

San Diego has been struggling all season. An astronomical amount of money was invested with the goal of winning, but it is not showing much results. San Diego is in danger of losing its present and future.

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