Russia, the combined commander is replaced again… West supplies first tanks to Ukraine

Russia has replaced the commander in charge of the war in Ukraine again in three months, and attention is focused on what the intention is.

In the midst of this, Western-made tanks are being delivered to Ukraine for the first time.

This is Reporter Lee Bong-seok.


Russia’s war headquarters in Ukraine was replaced again in three months.

Sergey Surovikin stepped down as deputy commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov took over as the new commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Gerasimov has held the position of top active general for over 10 years.

“Thanks to the task force’s measures to increase combat capabilities, the situation at the front has stabilized.”

With Surovikin at the helm, Russian troops made a humiliating withdrawal from Kherson and focused their winter strikes on Ukraine’s power grid and other infrastructure.

Gerasimov is known to have designed the operation to capture Kiiwu, which is evaluated as a bigger failure, and there is also an analysis that a power struggle is taking place inside.

There is also an evaluation that Russia has acknowledged the stain of its recent operation.

Russia explained that it was to increase efficiency by raising the rank of the commander.

While Russia has shown its willingness to continue the war, Poland has said it plans to support Germany’s main battle tank, the Leopard, in Ukraine.

“Recently, Poland has decided that the time has come to (decisively) assist Ukraine. Leopard tank units will be delivered as part of strengthening the regiment.”

In the meantime, armored vehicles or light tanks have been supported, but CNN reported that it will be the first time Western-made tanks go to Ukraine.

It is analyzed that Poland’s decision, along with France, was also aimed at pressuring passive Germany to provide tank support to Ukraine.

CNN, citing US officials, said the West is making changes to weapons support to reflect Ukraine’s demands.


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