Ronaldo vs Benzema, how much do they earn per second?

(MHN Sports Reporter Lee Sol) ‘You can make money just by breathing’ is a phrase that applies to everyone in the world.

But for Ronaldo and Benzema, it’s a different story.

Ronaldo, who confirmed his move to 메이저놀이터 Saudi Arabia on the final day of 2022, signed a contract worth $217 million per year for two and a half years (according to the Isle of Man-UK outlet Sporting News).

The media introduced this as a yearly salary, not a ‘total’ amount. This is a pre-tax amount of about 27.27 billion won in Korean won, or 68.17 billion won in total if he fulfills the two-and-a-half-year contract.

Divided by 30 months (2.6 years), that’s 22.7 billion won a month, 5.2 billion won a week, and 7.5 billion won a day. That’s $31.13 million per hour, $52 per minute, and $8,647 per second in Ronaldo’s bank account.

Benzema heads to Nuno’s Al Ittihad on a ‘clean slate’ after the season, as fans feared.

He reportedly signed a three-year, €107 million-a-year contract (source: British outlet Sports Illustrated). A sum worth 13.93 billion won.

Divided by 12 months, Benzema’s monthly salary is worth 11.6 billion won, and his weekly wage is 2.68 billion won. On a daily basis, he earns a daily wage of 380 million won. That’s $1.594 million per hour, $260 per minute, and $4429 per second.

Of course, this is before taxes and is an estimate, so we don’t know exactly how much Ronaldo-Benzema will get. But given Saudi Arabia’s deep pockets as it bids to host the World Cup, a salary in the 100 billion won range is not just a rumor.

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