‘Phoenix of Durant shock’ NBA trade market breathless… Deadline transfer summary

As always, the atmosphere in the NBA trade transfer market ahead of the deadline was hot.

The 2023 NBA trade market closed at 5:00 am on the 10th, Korean time. The NBA trade market did not disappoint fans again this year. Numerous deals were completed in a breathless manner, meeting deadlines.

The Lakers, who have consistently inquired about the Westbrook trade since the offseason, have borne fruit. The Lakers bolstered their backcourt and frontcourt lines by selling Westbrook and bringing in D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley and Jared Vanderbilt. The opposite, Russell, returned to his parent team, the Lakers, after six years. Meanwhile, Westbrook, who was traded to Utah, is expected to be bought out immediately.

It’s the most shocking of the deals ahead of the trade deadline. Kevin Durant heads to Phoenix. Durant, who had been uncomfortable with Brooklyn before the season, was constantly being traded. Then, in the blink of an eye, Brooklyn recently sent Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks. Naturally, all eyes were on Durant’s future. ‘Billionaire’ Matt Isibia, who recently acquired the Phoenix Suns for $4 billion, screamed hotly from the first day of work. 토토사이트

Phoenix quickly emerged as a favorite to win, joining Durant as well as Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Ayton. Durant is currently out for a while due to a knee injury, but before the injury, he averaged 29.7 points, 6.7 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.5 blocked shots on a 55.9% FG.

The Milwaukee Bucks acquired 3&D forward Jay Crowder. Crowder was likely to be traded because he had not played in a game under an agreement with Phoenix this season. Crowder, who moved the team to Brooklyn due to the Durant trade, changed his team again less than 12 hours later. Brooklyn, who obtained five second-round picks in exchange for Crowder, has secured a valuable asset to plan for the future.

Denver acquired center Thomas Bryant, who is recording a 44.0% 3-point shooting success rate. Denver, which is challenging for the presidency, needed backup center resources to support Nikola Jokic. Denver’s choice was to recruit Bryant. Bryant, who did a great job filling Davis’ injury void with the Lakers, now serves as a backup for another top center, Jokic.

The Clippers gained strength by bringing in Bonds Hyland, veterans Eric Gordon and Mason Plumlee. On the other hand, John Wall goes back to Houston in the process of a triangular trade between the Clippers, Memphis, and Houston. The hopes of Wall, who dreamed of a revival at the Clippers, were dashed in less than a year.

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