Park Ji-soo’s return, will KB’s ‘Spring Basketball’ bloom?

Cheongju KB Stars, ranked 5th in the women’s professional basketball league, is raising momentum toward the goal of ‘Spring Basketball’. In other words, a new variable has appeared in the middle-ranking game, where the 2nd to 4th place ride is only one game.

KB won 7 wins and 13 losses in 20 games this season until the 26th. It is 5th, 4.5 games ahead of the lowest ranked Bucheon Hana 1Q. The scoring index is also 5th, and rebounds, assists, and blocks are at the bottom of the league.

However, if we start on the 17th of last month, when Park Ji-su (pictured), the star of his team and league, had a comeback match, the story is completely different. After Park Ji-soo’s return, KB won 5 wins and 2 losses in 7 games. Considering only this period, it is the second highest win rate in the league after the immovable first-team Asan Woori Bank. It is a more dramatic change considering the fact that KB had only 2 wins and 11 losses before that.

The performance after the All-Star break is even better. With three wins in the second half, they have yet to taste defeat. Park Ji-soo was also at the center. He recorded a double-double in all three matches, starting with Hana 1Q on the 15th. Even though his physical condition was not yet perfect, he radiated his presence every day and created a gravity effect.

Mid-level teams competing for the playoffs are slowing down. Yongin Samsung Life Insurance suddenly turned into an injury ward as Lee Joo-yeon, Kiana Smith, and even Bae Hye-yoon were away due to injuries. Busan BNK also lost momentum compared to the beginning of the season. Both teams have 1 win, 4 losses and 2 wins and 3 losses, respectively, in their last 5 games. 바카라사이트

If the current trend continues, a reverse electrode is also in sight due to the remaining schedule of the league. A total of 10 games remain, 2 games for each 5 teams, and the ride between 2nd and 4th place is only 1 game. Except for Woori Bank in the first round, any of the three mid-ranking teams can become a victim of KB.

The problem is the detailed performance that still needs to be refined. In the previous day against Samsung Life Insurance, they widened their lead at the beginning of the first quarter, but soon caught up, and as a result, they won a sweaty victory by 4 points over Samsung Life Insurance, who took the car and four.

The chaos was also revealed in the records. Disregarding the fact that the team has the best shooter in the league, Iseul Kang, the 3-point shot success rate was only 18.2%, and it was behind Samsung Life in free throw success rate and steals. Director Kim Wan-soo spared no bitterness, saying, “We won in the score, but lost in the content.”

While the battle for rankings, excluding the first place and the last place, is flowing into a hassle, KB will face off against Samsung Life Insurance, which is ranked third on the 28th. Prior to that, on the 27th, 2nd place BNK will meet 4th place Shinhan Bank.

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