MLB Commissioner Manfred extends term by four years until January 2029

he term of office of Commissioner Rob 안전놀이터 Manfred (65), the “chief” of the Major League Baseball (MLB), has been extended to 2029.

Through a vote on the 27th (Korean time), 30 MLB teams agreed to extend Commissioner Manfred’s term for another four years. He succeeded in serving a second term earlier and extended his term until January 2025, and through this decision, he succeeded in serving his second term until January 2029.

Manfred, a former Cornell lawyer, joined the MLB secretariat in 1998 and served as senior vice president in charge of economic issues such as labor relations. In August 2014, Manfred, who was elected as the 10th Commissioner after former Commissioner Bud Selig through a vote by the MLB club, began his term in earnest in January 2015.

Commissioner Manfred had a job layoff in December 2021 due to a conflict with the Major League Players Union (MLBPA) during his tenure, but after 99 days of labor, in March 2022 he succeeded in signing a new labor-management agreement (CBA).

Under the Manfred Commissioner system, MLB succeeded in rebounding last year by achieving a total revenue of $10.8 billion (approximately 13.8 trillion won) despite going through the corona pendemic period. This season, following the successful hosting of the World Baseball Classic (WBC), it is producing positive results, such as introducing a pitch clock into the league, banning defensive shifts, and promoting unconventional reforms such as increasing the size of the base, leading to an increase in the number of spectators and viewership.

Manfred, who succeeded in extending his tenure, said, “The players are showing lively play this season, and the fans are reacting positively to the future of Major League Baseball. I will try to expand the influence of baseball for loyal fans.”

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