LotteㆍSamsung pay attention to Group D of the prestigious high school competition… Because of ‘Son Hyeon-gi’ to deal with Chungam and North Japan

Group D (Bukil High School, Chungam High School, Jeon High School) is the group of death. All skills are the same.

It wouldn’t be surprising if any team finished first in the group. In such a situation, the reason why professional teams pay attention to Group D is Son Hyun-gi (Jeonju High School senior). This is because it is very important whether Son Hyeon-gi works against strong teams with good hitting, such as North Il (Lee Seung-hyun, Kim Chae-woon, etc.) or Chung-am (Park Chae-ul, Lee Chung-heon, Cho Hyun-min, etc.) in a real game, not a practice game.

This is all the more so as the Prestigious High School Baseball Competition has the character of a skirmish for Shinsegae E-Mart. Scout officials from the 10 clubs will gather in Busan, and Lotte and Samsung are natural. However, the pitching pace of recent pitchers is so frightening. There is no guarantee that Son Hyun-gi will be nominated. This is because Kim Hwi-gun (3rd year at Whimoon High School) and Yuk Seon-yeop (3rd year at Jangchung High School) have good pace. Mir Jeon (Gyeongbuk High School) and Sang-Hyeon Won (Busan High School) are also improving their pace.

Son Hyeon-ki showed off 6 strikeouts in 3 innings at the Daegu League Yushin Classic, drawing attention from officials. However, since that day, the pace has been adjusted. It seems to focus on correcting control and pitching form rather than restraint. As revealed in the match against Yeungnam University a few days later (2 innings, 4K, no runs, no runs), the pitching has improved a lot. 스포츠토토

However, pitching form correction is not over. The speed is still fluctuating. At the time of the Daegu League, an official from the A club in the metropolitan area said, “The speed is inconsistent. The maximum speed comes out well (146-148 km/h), but the speed difference is large. Perhaps it was to catch the ball. The form is not yet his own,” he said.

In particular, Lotte has a lot of painful memories on the left-handed pitcher side. Hong Min-ki was nominated for a higher rank, but he is not able to use it. Same with Jaemin Park. Kim Jin-wook, who thought it was unconditional, is still incomplete.

As a result, the recent trend has begun to focus on pitchers with good control and breaking ball skills. Lee Jin-ha, Kim Ki-jun, Lee Tae-yeon, and Cho Gyeong-min, who were nominated last year, are all players with good throwing and breaking balls. At the time, Lotte team manager Kwon Yeong-joon said at the draft site, “The first ball is innate. We judged that it was not easy to fix the anxiety of the 9th.”

An official from the C club in the metropolitan area said, “Comparing Hwang Jun-seo and Son Hyun-ki, Hwang Jun-seo is a player who can play right away. However, considering Son Hyun-ki’s strike zone as a pro, he should take a long look.”

However, regardless of the evaluation of Son Hyun-gi, the possibility itself is mostly considered high. It is not easy to find a left-handed pitcher who can throw off his shoes and throw a four-seam approaching 150 km/h at 189 cm. An official from the regional B club said, “It’s good to just look at the so-called shilling that fans say. He has such a good RBI and throws a curveball that is rare. If it is properly inserted from that height, it becomes a weapon that can be used in pros.”

Also, if you look at the left-hander after Son Hyun-ki this year, it is even more so. Currently, there are different opinions about the next pitcher for Son Hyun-ki, but Jo Dong-wook (Jangchung High School senior) is the dominant pitcher at this point. But he is not yet on track. Also, next year, the left arm pool will not be very good. The only top left-hander currently active is Jeong Hyeon-woo (2nd year at Deoksu High School). Here, left-handers such as Son Ah-in (Gyeonggi Aviation High School) stand out.

If you want a lefty, you have to use the right to pick this year. Therefore, it can be important data to see how Son Hyun-ki performs against strong teams such as Chungam High School and Bukil High School in the prestigious high school competition.

Will he be able to steal the heart of Lot and the heart of Sam? Or will he end up with ‘a cup of coffee’. Many people’s attention is focused on the Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang, Busan, which will be held from March 8th.

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