Lee Seung-woo “Taegeukmark is a motivation to do well…We will continue to develop regardless of the roster announcement”

(Xinhua, Suwon World Cup Stadium) Jürgen Klinsmann’s South Korea national soccer team is about to announce its June A-match roster.

Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC), who hasn’t worn a taegeuk for four years, is anxiously awaiting the results. Suwon FC scored back-to-back goals from Yoon Beom-garam and Oh In-pyo to defeat the home side 2-1 in the Hana OneQ K League 2023 Round 16 ‘Suwon Derby’ against Suwon Samsung at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on Wednesday.

The win lifted Suwon to eighth place in the standings (5 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses – 18 points). Suwon was unable to add a win and remained in last place 메이저사이트 (2W, 2D, 12L, 8G).

Lee Seung-woo came on as a 10th minute substitute in the second half and was all over the pitch, creating many chances on the counterattack. He was unlucky to have his shot hit the post twice from chances he created for Ras, but Lee was not disappointed and smiled.

“Even though I don’t have any points, I’m doing the best I can with what I have, and I think that’s why I’m able to make good plays, even if it’s not a goal,” said Lee in the post-match mixed zone about his recent performances.

“I’m glad we were able to break the four-game losing streak today and win the Suwon derby,” he added.

On June 5 at 9 a.m., Klinsmann will announce the Korean national soccer team’s June A match roster. Klinsmann used the existing members of the Qatar World Cup for his first A-match in March, but he has since been inspecting the K League scene and the European scene to prepare his first national team as he sees it.

Lee Seung-woo is also hoping to join the national team. Lee, who also played at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, last played an A match against Iran in June 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s been four years since then. His A-match record stops at 11 games.

“I want to play well in every game, I want to improve, I want to do well, and the reason I think I need to do well is because I want to go to the national team and I want to be selected,” Lee said when asked about his feelings ahead of the roster announcement.

“It’s not up to me to decide (the roster), so I just have to do the best I can in the environment I’m in and wait for the results, and maybe they’ll be good, maybe they’ll be bad. But it would be good if I can show that I’m steadily improving.”

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