Leaving Tottenham and escaping from military service… “It’s shocking that it’s been over 60 years”

Tottenham Hotspur defender Kieran Trippier (32) pledged to win the League Cup with Newcastle United.

Trippier moved to Atletico Madrid in July 2019 after spending four seasons at Tottenham, starting in the 2015/2016 season. He played a big role at Atlético and helped win the Primera Liga in the 2020/2021 season. After escaping from Tottenham, he won the first trophy of his career. In January last year, he returned to the Premier League with Newcastle. Newcastle are making a splash this season, running third in the league. Only 1 loss in 20 matches. In the Carabao Cup (League Cup), they succeeded in advancing to the semifinals. On the 25th at 5:00 a.m. Southampton and the first leg, on February 1st at 05:00 (Korean time) the second leg at home.

Newcastle, like Tottenham, has a long history of being unrelated. The 1954/1955 season FA Cup was the last time it had been away from winning for 68 years. If they beat Southampton, they will face the winners of Manchester United-Nottingham Forest in the final. 카지노사이트

Trippier was interviewed by the British Mirror. “An opportunity like this may not come again,” he said. When I came here, they asked how long it had been since I hadn’t won. The answer that came back was ‘more than 60 years’. It was very shocking,” he confessed.

“It’s important to have a player like Sean Longstaff who was born and raised in this city and loves the team. They want to show the trophy to the kids in the city. “They know what it means to play hard for the team in the semi-finals. There are players who are new to the semifinals, but I have a lot of stage experience like this. I want to help the team on the ground.”

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