Kudron, Kang Dong-gung, Oh Tae-joon, Repens, Martinez, Round of 16. Kang Min-gu, Lee Sang-dae eliminated – SK World Championship

Defending champion Kudlong defeated Kim Hyun-woo 3-0 in the 2023 SK Rent-A-Car PBA World Championship round of 32 preliminary league second round (JTBC Studio Ilsan) on the 4th, winning 2 wins and advancing to the round of 16.

In the third match on the 6th, Kudron will play against Oh Tae-joon, who also advanced to the round of 16 with two wins, for the first and second place.

Kudron won 15:1, 15:0 with 9 consecutive hits in the 1st and 2nd sets. The 3rd set was dragged 3:6, 6:8 at the beginning, but eventually won 15:8 with 4 consecutive hits in 4 innings and 5 consecutive hits in 5 innings. 카지노

Oh Tae-jun defeated Kim Jong-won 3-2. Kim Jong-won scored 8 consecutive hits in 5 sets and 3 innings and reached the 10-point mark first, but failed to create a match point and gave the victory to Oh Tae-jun, who followed, with a score of 10:11.

Kang Dong-gung defeated Kang Seong-ho 3-1. In the beginning, I suffered quite a bit because I couldn’t find a sense of the shot. He couldn’t hit more than 3 points and drove to 5:12.

However, in 13 innings, he hit 5 consecutive hits and won with a score of 15:13. Kang Seong-ho only scored 1 run in 7 innings from the 9th to the 15th.

The second set was also dragged to 0:10 with empty hits in the first 5 innings in a row. Kang Seong-ho added 2 points each in the 6th and 8th innings and reached 14 points, and the defeat was dark.

However, he started the pursuit with 3 consecutive hits in 6 innings and 6 consecutive hits in 9 innings, and won with a score of 15:14 with a finishing shot in the 13th inning.

Palazon announced their progress to the round of 16, winning 20 million won and 2 wins with the first perfect cue in the tournament. Palazon scored 15 points at once in 3 sets and 1 inning against Choi Won-jun.

Cho Jae-ho continued his hopes of advancing to the round of 16 on his own by defeating Shin Dae-gwon 3-0. The opponent in Game 3 was Palazon, who was usually strong.

First of all, he has to win, but even if he loses, Choi Won-joon, who is fighting Shin Dae-gwon, could end up in second place depending on the set gains and losses.

The losers Kim Jae-geun, Zapata, and Maminkam, and the victors, We Marz and Oh Seong-wook, all recorded 1 win and 1 loss.

Zapata and Maminkam will play against Im Seong-gyun, who has two losses, and Womaz will face Kim Young-seop, who won 2 wins to advance to the round of 16, Kim Jae-geun will face Martinez, and Oh Seong-wook will face Kang Seong-ho.

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