“Kim Ha-sung, tremendous defensive instinct,” the coach recommended GG, and the prospect of returning to shortstop next year

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong is attracting attention with the prospect that he can return to shortstop.

San Diego’s starting shortstop this year is Xander Bogarts. He is an ‘offensive’ shortstop who brought in a huge amount of $280 million in 11 years from the free agent market last winter. If San Diego wants to use Kim Ha-seong as a shortstop, Bogarts needs to change his position. It is news that the club will review it internally.

Sports Illustrated (SI) said on the 21st (Korean time), ‘San Diego’s team defense is fourth in the major leagues, and the pitching staff has the best power in the National League. It is no exaggeration to say that it is thanks to Ha-seong Kim,” he said. He was included in the shortstop Gold Glove finalist last year. He deserves to be called San Diego’s MVP this year.”

Kim Ha-seong was recognized for his defensive ability last year by ranking second in the Gold Glove voting for shortstop in the National 카지노 League (NL). This season, the baseball reference defensive WAR is 2.0, which is 4th in both leagues as of this day. In the NL, he ranked second after Dansby Swanson (2.1), shortstop of the Chicago Cubs, who won the Gold Glove for shortstop last year.

Second baseman Kim Ha-seong’s DRS (Reduction of Runs by Defense) is 11, which is 3rd among all second basemen, and this figure is 3 for shortstops and 2 for 3rd basemen. In other words, the DRS of all three positions is 16. It means that San Diego was able to reduce the number of runs allowed by 16 thanks to Kim Ha-sung’s defense.

However, this season, his offensive power has improved, and he is gaining popularity as an infielder who is good at both offense and defense. It is now ahead of Bogatz in defense as well as attack power.

As of this day, Kim Ha-seong has a batting average of 0.278, 16 homers, 45 RBIs, 69 points, 27 stolen bases, OPS 0.808, and Bogatz has a batting average of 0.265, 13 homers, 42 RBIs, 56 runs, 13 stolen bases, and OPS 0.734. Ha-sung Kim’s record is better in almost every offensive category. Ha-seong Kim ranks 4th overall and 1st in the team with 5.8 bWAR, and Bogatz ranks 5th in the team with 2.8.

Since Bogatz is a player with a high annual salary of 25.45 million dollars on average, otherwise, Ha-seong Kim would have been appointed as the starting shortstop to improve the structure of the defense and offense. Kim Ha-sung’s annual salary this year is only $7 million.

Regarding Kim Ha-sung’s defensive power, manager Bob Melvin is praising him every day.

In a recent interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, a leading local newspaper, Melvin said, “I could leave Kim Ha-sung playing outfield defense for a few days, because he will still be good at defense. He is a great defender and has great instincts. I mean, so often “Ha-seong Kim has a very good defensive instinct,” he said. “That is his unique feature. and praised it.

He added, “I would recommend giving him a Gold Glove for his defense this year. No matter where you put him, he will eventually do it.”

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