Kim Ga-young, Throng, Kang Ji-eun 1st group ‘Bubbles’. Lee Mi-rae 2nd group ‘Alone’ – Crown Championship

Kim Ga-young, Throng, and Kang Ji-eun are organized in the same group for the round of 16 of the ‘2023 Crown Haitai LPBA Championship’, and they will stick together early.

Kim Ga-young and Kang Ji-eun meet right away in the round of 16, and Throng is in the quarterfinals at the latest. Only 1 out of 3 can make it to the quarterfinals. 토토사이트

Ga-Young Kim placed 3rd overall in the Survival Round of 32, and Ji-Eun Kang finished 2nd in her group behind Ryu Ji-Won.

The championship performance is better than Kang Ji-eun, who has won 5 gold medals, and has a good shot recently. However, Kang Ji-eun also wins in the team league, so she cannot easily predict the match.

Throng will play against Dasom Park, who competed for first and second place in the round of 32 server match, in the round of 16. With a score of 61 to 57, Throng was one stroke ahead.

After changing the rankings throughout the game, Throng overtook Park Da-som with 3 consecutive hits in 15 innings in the second half.

Since it is a one-on-one match, Throng’s advantage is expected, but if he wins, he will face Ga-young Kim or Ji-eun Kang . They both win and lose, but they lost to Kang Ji-eun in the finals last season.

The other semifinalists in Group 2 are also pretty strong. In the round of 32, Lee Woo-gyeong and Imari, Ryu Ji-won and Hayashi Namiko, who scored the most points (99 points) in the survival match, will compete in the round of 16. Lee Woo-kyung’s rising energy is particularly strong.

Lee Mi-rae is the only champion in Group 2. It’s relatively easier than Group 1, but it’s not that easy to get first place.

The first opponent is Baek Min-ju. He is a strong player of the MZ generation who reached the finals of the High1 competition and the quarterfinals of the Wellbang competition with strong strokes.

If you win, Son Soo-yeon and Lee Yoo-joo will fight the winner. Son Soo-yeon was a surprise in the round of 16, but along with Baek Min-ju, she eliminated two champions, Lim Jeong-suk and Kim Se-yeon.

Another strong player in Group 2 is Kim Bo-mi. Although she shot a winning shot, she often fell on the threshold of the final. If you win against Jeong Su-bin in the round of 16, you will face Hwang Da-yeon and Lim Gyeong-jin.

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