Kartrider: Pros in Drift Drill

The legend of Kartrider Moon Ho-Jun, who announced his return as a player, as well as Liv Sandbox and Guangdong Freecs players are practicing hard ahead of the pre-season starting in March.

With the end of Kart Rider’s service, Kart Rider: Drift naturally continues the challenge.

Players are using live broadcasts or registering play videos on their YouTube channels. For play videos, friendly matches, scrims, and new record videos are registered.

In the released video, former and current players such as Park In-su, ‘Neil’, Moon Ho-jun, Lee Jae-hyuk, Kim Eung-tae, Song Yong-jun, Lee Myung-jae, and Ko Byung-soo enjoyed playing together. 카지노사이트

Not only this, KartRider Rush Plus players are also enjoying KartRider: Drift. They also held friendly matches by taking advantage of the fact that games can be played on mobile or tablet devices instead of PCs.

You can watch a video of Kartrider: Drift with Min-ki Han, Seung-chul Han, and Min-seok Choi from ‘Ren Min-gi’.

The competition has already begun ahead of the Kartrider: Drift preseason, which starts in March.

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