‘Junior who became the team mascot’ Dad is an optimistic spiker, son is a cuteness maker

Agamez’s son and daughter are the vitality of the team. Agamez was serious about volleyball and family.

On the 8th, a match was held between OK Financial Group and Woori Card in the men’s volleyball V-League at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan. The Agamez family, a foreign player of Woori Card, was with us until the away game. 메이저사이트

On the court for pre-game training, Agamez was with his beloved children. My beloved daughter and son happily ran around the court, playing with fellow Woori Card players. We exchanged high-fives with the players and played airplanes that the players gave us a ride.

Liberman Agamez, from Colombia in Central and South America, visits the pitch this season with his wife Julie, his daughter Anquelis and his son Christopher. At Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, their home stadium, the Agamez family are already celebrities.

Agamez was also with his family during the away game in Ansan.

The colleagues ahead of the training also had a pleasant time with Agamez’s daughter and son.

Agamez, the ‘opposite spiker’ representing the team, and her cute daughter Angelis and son Christopher, who have transformed into the team’s ‘mascot’, are bringing vitality to the team.

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