It’s over when it’s filmed…’Divisional Force’ Boelli, ‘visiting’ the Chelsea training ground

Owner Todd Boelli visited the Chelsea training ground.

The last two transfer windows. The main character was Chelsea of ​​the English Premier League (EPL). Boelli, who became the new owner after Roman Abramovich, bought many players through active investment. Raheem Sterling, Mark Cucurella, Wesley Popana, Kalidou Koulibaly and more. Chelsea spent over 300 billion won in the summer alone.

Chelsea’s ‘crazy’ recruitment move continued into the winter. Enzo Fernandez, who emerged as the best star by leading the World Cup victory, was brought in with an enormous investment of 121 million euros (approximately 161.8 billion won). It was the highest ever in England, surpassing Jack Grealish. In addition, the rebuilding was carried out steadily by signing ‘ultra-long-term’ contracts with young and promising resources such as Mihailo Mudrik, Benua Badiacil, Malo Gusto, Noni Madueke, Andrei Santos, and David Dartro Popana.

The total amount spent by Chelsea during the transfer window exceeded 800 billion won. With so many players coming in, the challenge left for Chelsea is how to harmonize these players. 온라인바카라

To that end, we are training diligently. And Boelli’s owner visited the Chelsea training ground to see his legacy firsthand. Exuding the ‘division commander force’, he watched the players’ training performance with a solemn expression wearing a black shirt and navy pants.

The British media ‘The Sun’ also shed light on this. the medium “

Training went well. The training centered on ‘veteran defender’ Thiago Silva, and freshmen Mudrik and Badiasil also showed up. Popana, Ben Chilwell and Rhys James, who were out with injuries, also trained with other players. Coach Graham Porter gave active instructions to the players at the center of the training ground. Hakim Ziyech, whose transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was canceled due to Chelsea’s mistake, also trained and looked bright.

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