“I’ll grow up later…” National shortstop pleased with his role as homegrown right-handed ace

“I have a desire to win and I have a desire like a young player. Such a player can grow up later.”

When talk of Won Tae-in (Samsung Lions) came out, a bright smile leaked from Samsung manager Park Jin-man’s face.

Coach Park talked about Won Tae-in ahead of the away game against the NC Dinos in the 2023 professional baseball KBO League at Changwon NC Park on the 15th.

Samsung’s Won Tae-in became the winning pitcher against KT on the 14th. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-koo

Samsung’s Won Tae-in kept the mound firmly despite the thickening rain on the 14th. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-koo
Won Tae-in started the previous day (14th) in a home game against the KT Wiz at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu and threw 101 balls in six innings, striking out six, striking out four runs and three earned runs.

Coming down the mound with his team leading 6-4, he harvested his seventh win (6 losses) of the season as Samsung eventually won 10-4. It rained a lot on the way, but it was not a big problem for Won Tae-in. However, he complained of pain in his fingers and ankles after the game, causing many concerns.

Coach Park Jin-man first said of Won Tae-in’s physical condition, “It’s a little better than yesterday (14th). “I think I should check it out because I’m playing catch tomorrow (16th),” he said adding, “I think it’s okay to sprained my ankle and I think I have cramps on my finger.” “I think I should take a day off today and check it clearly when I throw the ball tomorrow,” he explained.토토사이트

Won Tae-in has bad memories of rain this season. Until the match against KT in Daegu on the 14th, the game was suspended twice due to rain and could not continue pitching.

Coach Park said, “It’s always like that when you’re Won Tae-in. There was a time when I waited for more than an hour during the game. It happened for a while yesterday, but I’m glad it went fast, he said. “(Won) Tae-in was injured while pitching in such a situation two years ago. Both times were substituted early for protection. “(Won Tae-in personally) wasted two games,” he said with a bitter smile.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen in the match against KT. Despite the thickening of the raindrops in the top of the sixth inning, Won Tae-in, who took the mound, gave up a superior two-run shot to Jang Sung-woo, but did his job without allowing any more runs. Since then, the game has been suspended for 71 minutes due to rain, but it has normally been played until the ninth inning.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “(Won Tae-in) is competitive and greedy as a young player. Such a player can grow up later. He gave a thumbs up, saying, “He has that ability.”

In particular, Ahn Joo-hyung’s performance was also brilliant in the match against KT. Entering the batter’s box as a substitute for Kim Tae-hoon in the bottom of the fourth inning when Samsung was being dragged 0-2, he hit a four-ball 146km fastball by opposing starter Bae Je-sung to hit a timely two-run hit to the right. This hit became the final hit of the day.

Coach Park said, “If we didn’t turn the tables in that situation, we could have been dragged into a difficult game, and we made a come-from-behind hit to bring the flow,” adding, “I think it played an important role in bringing the flow down.”

Oh Jae-il, who suffered a fine hamstring injury against the Daegu KIA Tigers on the 12th, conducted batting training on the same day.

Coach Park said, “I made my first batting today. Since it’s on the muscle side, I think we should wait and see how it goes. It is said that there is no pain in batting or these parts in place. I think I can go out as a pinch hitter as early as next week, he said. “I think I need to check a little more.”

Meanwhile, Samsung formed the lineup with Kim Hyun-joon (center fielder), Kim Sung-yoon (right fielder), Koo Ja-wook (left fielder), Kang Min-ho (catcher), Jose Pirella (designated hitter), Ryu Ji-hyuk (third baseman), Lee Jae-hyun ( shortstop), Yoon Jung-bin (first baseman) and Kim Ho-jae (2nd baseman). The starting pitcher is David Buchanan.

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