If Ryu Hyun-jin of ‘Tommy John Surgery’ returns to the mound… US press predicts “3 wins”

If Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays) returns to the mound after undergoing Tommy John surgery, what will the 2023 season be like? 바카라

On the 8th (Korean time), the US’ESPN’ pointed out the starting rotation of the 30 major league clubs in the 2023 season and had time to determine expected results and rankings by club. Here, the Toronto Blue Jays were named eighth overall.

Toronto recorded 92 wins and 70 losses in the regular season last year with an odds rate of 0.568, finishing second in the Eastern Division of the American League and first in the wild card, and stepped onto the postseason stage. However, the process during the regular season was not so smooth. In particular, many problems arose on the pitcher’s side.

“Ace” Jose Berrios and Yusei Kikuchi, who signed extended contracts, did not live up to expectations, and problems arose in the starting rotation as Hyun-Jin Ryu left the line due to an injury. After Hyun-Jin Ryu was removed, Toronto extinguished the urgent fire through the position transfer of Ross Stripling (San Francisco Giants), but after that, the bullpen pitchers were overloaded and creaked.

Toronto struggled to reinforce the mound after the 2022 season. Although they couldn’t get Stripling to stay, they brought in Chris Bassett through a three-year, $64 million (about 79 billion won) contract. And through trades, etc., he succeeded in strengthening the bullpen side as well.

How about Toronto in the 2023 season? ‘ESPN’ is Toronto’s 95-67 harvest, Alec Manoa (22-8), Kevin Gaussman (23-9), Chris Bassett (22-10), Jose Berrios (13-14), Yusei Kikuchi (7-11), Nate Pearson (5-6), Mitch White (2-5), and Ryu Hyun-jin (3-4) were pitched as starting pitchers, and predicted that they would achieve that record.

‘ESPN’ predicted through simulation that Manoa, Gaussman, and Bassett would achieve a good record of more than 20 wins. However, in the case of Ryu Hyun-jin, who underwent left elbow ligament joint surgery in June last year, he predicted that he would stay with 3 wins and 4 losses. Ryu Hyun-jin is currently focusing on rehabilitation to return to the mound starting with the All-Star Game.

The media cited the revival of Berrios and the return of Ryu Hyun-jin as important issues. ‘ESPN’ said, “With the addition of Bassett, Toronto has a potential 20-win pitcher trio,” but “the problem lies behind it. Can Berrios get back on track? Can he return during the season like Hyun-jin Ryu said he wanted to do?” There are questions about whether there will be,” he pointed out.

However, if you look at the simulation of ‘ESPN’, Toronto’s selection is a pitching staff that is not pushed by any club. The media evaluated, “Toronto’s starting lineup is not just good, but really solid.”

ESPN ranked pitchers #1: New York Yankees, #2 Milwaukee Brewers, #3 New York Mets, #4 Atlanta Braves, #5 Philadelphia Phillies, #6 Houston Astros,

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