“I will live in reflection”…3 years in prison and 5 years of probation, why did the court decide this?

The Busan District 5 division (the long-term judge) was accused of violating legal violations of children and adolescents in Busan District Court on the 13th.Seo Joon-won was sentenced to five years imprisonment from the trial department.

On March 23rd.Lotte Giants who decided to release after the first report

On March 23, the KBO League was reported on March 23rd, of the KBO League was reported.Han Mi-won was booked on charges and Yoo-won, was booked on charges of minorities and Yu-won.The police reported that Seo Joon-won, who was sent to Busan branch office in December, and Busan District Prosecutors, who had committed a minor sex crime investigation and investigating the case of sexual crimes.토토사이트

Seo Joon-won won the victim who was contacted by the victim and sent a physical picture to the victims who were identified through SNS in August last year, and the victim reported.Police have already been conducted since the end of last year, but Lotte club did not recognize that the family, but Lotte club did not recognize that the most close to the players and agent attempts.

At that time, the online community site has passed the story related to Seo Joon-won, and Seo Joon-won, denied allegations.Seo Joon-won said that he came to Lotte club’s headquarters in Lotte club.Lotte has no choice but to trust the claim of Seo Joon-won’s claim that there was no choice.Meanwhile, criminal facts were revealed through a press conference, and Seo Joon-won admitted that he received a warrant examination on March 23rd.

After the report came out, Lotte official announced the release of Seo Joon-won.Lotte held a disciplinary committee, “We were investigated as a criminal law for minors, and the disciplinary committee, and the disciplinary committee as soon as the prosecution was transferred to the prosecution.The Gu said, “We decided to resign the retirement group without the prosecution, saying, “We will try to conduct a strict disciplinary action to prevent the recurrence in the future.”

Lotte Lee Kang-hoon, CEO Lee Kang-hoon also visited his head.CEO Lee Kang-hoon, CEO Lee Kang-hoon, “I sincerely apologize for the recent incident caused by the club.”The act of professional baseball players who receive support for minor players who receive support, said, “I love the professional baseball player who has never accepted their dreams.”

On March 27th. “High School” deprivation Award

After reorganizing Seo Joon-won and “YEONG WON” was also moved.Choi Dong-won Memorial Project decided to deprive Choi Dong-won’s “The first high school Choi Dong-won Award” and Kang Jin-soo, said, “We decided to deprivation Award.”7 people explained that he decided to deprivation of Choi Dong-won-won won the first high school at the first high school.”

Choi Dong-won Sang-sang’s first award ceremony given to high school pitchers who played the best performance of the year, who was established and Choi Dong-won, who was established.At that time, Seo Joon-won, a winner of the first high school, was awarded KRW 300 million won, and 200 million won.

Secretary Kang Jin-soo will discuss the discussion in front of high school students and Choi Dong-won, and Choi Dong-won, regardless of the award and Choi Dong-won.If the directors decided to decide that Lee Jin-won, he said, “We will announce the “Sim deprivation” without being left.”

announcement on March 28th

KBO also revealed his position after the crime of Seo Joon-won-won-won, who saw the criminal facts.KBO decided to suspend participation activities in accordance with Article 15 (2) of the KBO Regulation.The participation activities said that the participation activities ( training, training, and the KBO will not participate in accordance with the judgment of the judicial institution will be finalized and suspend participation activities.

On August 23rd.six years old in the prosecution

Seo Joon-won admitted to the first public opinion on May 31, but the crime of crime was not recognized that the victim was minor.But I didn’t lie for a long time.Seo Joon-won admitted that it was recognized that the existing position was held on June 14 June 14.And even though I knew that it was a minor message, he sent sexual content over 60 times, and produced a sexual exploitation.

Accordingly, Seo Joon-won produced a sexual exploitation, but he didn’t know that it was a minor exploitation, saying that it was a minor.Accordingly, the lawyer complained about that it was not followed by agreement and additional crimes.Seo Joon-won is sad and regrettable that it was to solve the stress accumulated by strict living control and childcare.I’m really sorry to the victims.

On September 13th.the court’s sentence

Originally, Seo Joon-won seemed to be strong because the crime was heavy.However, the court sentenced to five years imprisonment for Seo Joon-won in prison for three years.What is the reason?

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