I like my new family very much…’ The trade between Kim Tae-gun and Ryu Ji-hyuk, the disappointment of Samsung fans and the anxiety of KIA fans

The KIA Tigers and the Samsung Lions carried out a one-on-one trade.

The two clubs agreed to trade catcher Kim Tae-gun (33) and infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk (29) on the 5th.

Kim Tae-gun, who played 1,230 games in 15 seasons through LG-NC-Samsung, is an experienced veteran catcher. He is a catcher with high completeness in terms of overall aspects such as pitching leads, blocking, and stealing prevention, to the extent that he confidently says, “I don’t have a big weakness as a catcher.” After moving to Samsung, he opened his eyes to hitting with constant efforts. He is strong in chances, so on days when he doesn’t wear a mask, he even acts as the No. 1 pinch hitter.

Kim Tae-gun, who shared a mask because Kang Min-ho is Samsung, is expected to greatly increase his chances to play in KIA, which needed a main catcher. He was also thirsty for a chance to play because he was re-acquiring FA qualifications after this season.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, a right-handed, left-handed all-weather infielder, is a veteran infielder who played 787 games in 10 professional seasons through Doosan and KIA. It is an all-around key that can be played in all positions only when Samsung’s vulnerable third baseman as well as first baseman. He is a player who will serve as a bridge between veterans and 메이저놀이터 young players due to his steady batting skills without much ups and downs and leadership in work. He is like an oasis to Samsung, where the overall infield was unstable. This is why Samsung manager Park Jin-man proposed a trade to KIA manager Kim Jong-kook. He is a player who can play a back role with Koo Ja-wook at Samsung, where the gap between veterans and young players is wide.

Fans of both teams have no major complaints about the two newly recruited players. This is because they were essential players for vulnerable positions. However, complicated thoughts do not leave.

▶ Samsung’s fans are disappointed…”If you’re going to do this, why?”

However, Samsung fans are disappointed.

Samsung, which left FA Kim Sang-soo and Oh Sun-jin, sent veteran Lee Won-seok to Kiwoom to reinforce the bullpen and recruited right-handed bullpen Kim Tae-hoon.

Kang Han-ul judged that Lee Won-seok would fill the gap, but it was regrettable. Future third baseman Kim Young-woong is still inexperienced. To make matters worse, infield anxiety intensified as even second baseman Kim Ji-chan was recently excluded from the Futures League for readjustment amid throwing anxiety. The reason why Ryu Ji-hyuk, an all-around infielder, was needed.

Although it is a result, Samsung fans are expressing regret, saying, “If this is the case, why did you send out all veteran infielders?” There is also a hypothetical regret that he could have tied a veteran infielder to a precious main catcher card to actually reinforce the bullpen, his biggest weakness. However, it is also a reality that there are few teams that will willingly give up key bullpen pitchers in all clubs amid unstable bullpen.

▶ KIA fan’s anxiety, “Is there a second Park Dong-won incident?”

KIA fans have anxiety.

It is very unfortunate that Ryu Ji-hyuk, who played all-weather in offense and defense, left, but it is still a good thing to reinforce his weak home turf with a high-quality catcher. With the recruitment of Kim Tae-gun, it is possible to upgrade not only defense but also offense.

On the first day of Kim Tae-gun’s arrival, KIA’s batters poured out 17 hits and defeated SSG 17-3. On the day the main catcher arrived, promising catcher Han Joon-soo flew with a cycling hit that missed three hits and three RBIs in five at-bats, including a home run. A scene that makes us look forward to synergy in the future. Kim Tae-gun also came out as a pinch hitter in the second half of the game and reported an RBI with a sacrifice fly. Kim Tae-gun, who is full of positive energy, is expected to have a positive impact on KIA’s dugout over time.

However, what is disturbing is the fact that Kim Tae-gun will be eligible for FA after this season.

KIA, which recruited Park Dong-won from Kiwoom last year in a trade, has a trauma of losing Park Dong-won, who qualified for FA after the season, to the LG Twins. As a result, there was a gap in the main catcher, which eventually led to the recruitment of Kim Tae-gun.

There is no law not to leave, but I think I can relax a little.

This is because it is a little different from last winter, when the “biggest fish” Yang Eui-ji’s foot was moved in a series. As many as seven clubs, including Doosan, Lotte, LG, Hanwha, NC, Samsung, and KT, are signing contracts with main catchers for long-term FA contracts.

Kiwoom veteran Lee Ji-young is likely to remain in Kiwoom to qualify for FA with Kim Tae-gun. Kiwoom is fostering a young catcher named Kim Dong-heon under Lee Ji-young’s umbrella.

Only the SSG Landers are in demand for catchers in the market. KIA cannot rule out the possibility of attempting a non-FA multi-year contract with Kim Tae-gun during this season to eliminate potential risks in advance.

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