Hyo-rim Seo signs exclusive contract with Inure Enter…Joon-hee Ko

On the 23rd, Inure Entertainment announced,메이저놀이터 “We have signed an exclusive contract with Seo Hyo-rim.” “We are very happy to be working with actress Seo Hyo-rim, who is active in various fields across genres. We plan to provide full support for her to become even more active.”

Seo Hyo Rim made her debut in the 2007 drama “When Spring Blooms,” where she mesmerized viewers with her bright and healthy energy. From “The World They Live In,” “Scent of a Woman,” “That Winter, the Wind Blows,” “Beauty Gong Shim,” “Red End of the Clothesline,” and “Surviving as a Celebrity Manager,” Seo has proven her versatility in portraying both good and bad characters in a variety of genres. She has also performed in a variety of roles in both drama and entertainment.

Seo Hyo Rim, who married actor Kim Soo Mi’s son Jung Myung Ho in 2019 and gave birth to a daughter the following year, is set to release the movie “Indream,” in which she plays the lead role.

In addition to Seo Hyo Rim, actor Ko Joon Hee is also a member of INNURE Entertainment.

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