Hwang Eui-jo, a win-win companionship with FC Seoul, “even though it is short” has begun

A win-win partnership between Hwang Eui-jo (30) and FC Seoul has begun.

On the 5th, FC Seoul announced, “We have confirmed the rental recruitment of national striker Hwang Eui-jo.”

Hwang Eui-jo currently plays for Nottingham Forest in the English Premier League (EPL). He was immediately re-loaned to Olympiacos after moving to Nottingham in the transfer window last summer.

At the time of his transfer to Nottingham, Hwang Ui-jo received several offers. Nevertheless, he chose Nottingham because he wanted to play in the EPL, which is called the dream stage among players.

However, this decision has so far not come to the good part for Hwang Ui-jo. He struggled after his loan to Olympiacos, and his playing time was reduced. This led to a decline in the sense of the game. Because of this, he could not show his true value even in the World Cup. 스포츠토토

In this situation, Hwang Ui-jo had to make a decision for himself and for his dream. Accordingly, he finished the lease of Olympiacos, accepted the offer from FC Seoul, and confirmed his re-lease.

After joining FC Seoul, Hwang Eui-jo repeated the word “even though it is short” in an interview with the club’s media. This is not because he has no respect for FC Seoul, but because he actually spends a short time with FC Seoul.

The 2023 K-League starts in February, but it should be said that the actual race begins in March. Hwang Eui-jo’s loan period is until June, as it is until this season based on European league standards. Because of this, he plans to play in FC Seoul’s uniform for about four months.

However, this period could be important for Hwang Ui-jo. Hwang Ui-jo is highly likely to play an active role as a built-in. You can contribute to the club while maintaining your own form. Through this, you can also aim to enter the EPL stage through a return to Nottingham.

FC Seoul is also expecting a lot from Hwang Eui-jo. FC Seoul, which suffered from scoring difficulties in the previous season, believes that national striker Hwang Eui-jo will relieve it.

In this way, a win-win lease that both sides can benefit from has begun. There is a precedent for Hwang In-beom, and it is a contract that is highly likely to have a positive impact on both sides.

Hwang Eui-jo also expressed his firm determination. Lastly, in an interview with the club media on the 5th, Hwang Eui-jo said, “I’ve been playing for a team called FC Seoul. I will do my best to play as much as the players and fans expect. I hope you will support FC Seoul and me a lot at the stadium. I’ll see you,” he added. Hwang Eui-jo, armed with extraordinary determination, and FC Seoul, who need him. Win-win rental has begun.

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