Honest Darvish “Is the WBC a war? The atmosphere in Japan is burdensome”

Major leaguer Darvish Yu (San Diego) of the WBC Japan national team revealed his candid feelings ahead of participating in the national team.

On the 5th, Japan’s ‘Daily Sports’ reported Darvish’s determination to participate. Darvish of the San Diego Padres decided to participate in the WBC after persuasion from national team coach Hideki Kuriyama. Some major leaguers, such as current Shohei Ohtani (Angels) and teammate Ha-Sung Kim (San Diego), are expected to join from Japan right before the opening of the national team, not at the beginning of the call. However, Darvish starts training with the Japanese national team in Miyazaki, Japan, out of consideration for veterans.

Darvish said honestly, “The temperature is so different from other countries. Looking at the interview comments of various people, including the coaching staff and players of the Japanese national team, I think I should say that Japan is too burdensome. We are not going to war.” . “We’ve been playing baseball, and I think we’re the best members to win the tournament. Right now, our national team seems to be an all-star among all-stars. But everyone is rigid and hardened, and the mindset that if we lose in the US, we can’t go back to Japan,” he said. I hope they don’t do it. A good team like this has gathered, but I hope they will be sincere in their training and attitude, but don’t pay too much attention to other parts,” he said, emphasizing his comfortable attitude toward the competition. It was a criticism of the spleen atmosphere of the Japanese national team aiming for the WBC championship. 메이저사이트

Darvish did not return to Japan this off-season and stayed in San Diego for personal training. He picked up the pace faster than usual considering the WBC. Darvish said, “I plan to go to Japan without going through Arizona (the San Diego camp site) after continuing to train in San Diego.” I was able to join from the beginning. I had a choice. I did not want to create a situation where I was late for the national team call because I was playing in the major leagues. Not participating in the San Diego pitcher and catcher camp starting on the 16th is not to adjust to jet lag or to do this. Because of the problem,” he explained.

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