‘Home run race not over’…Ohtani ends silence with ‘bang’ of 41st home run of season against Houston

Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who lost the lead in home runs to Matt Olsen (Atlanta Braves), started to start again.

On the 14th (Korean time), Ohtani started as the designated hitter twice in the 2023 MLB away game against the Houston Astros held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, USA, went 1 hit in 3 at-bats (1 home run) and 1 RBI. recorded a walk.

Although the batting average for the season remained unchanged at 0.305 from the previous day, Ohtani remained silent for 8 games in a row after the Seattle Mariners match on the 4th, and it was a great harvest to taste it after a long time.

Ohtani, who withdrew from the previous two at-bats with a grounder and strikeout, hit Houston Parker Musinski’s two-pitch slider 토토사이트 with two outs in the top of the sixth inning and drew a solo arch that went over the wall in the middle. Ohtani’s 41st home run of the season this season. His exit velocity was measured at 110.2 miles per hour (about 177 km) and his distance was measured at 448 feet (137 m). The launch angle is 28 degrees.

Ohtani seemed to be booking the home run king early with his fierce home run pace. In particular, by hitting 15 home runs in June alone, some predicted that he would even replace the American League single-season home run record (62) set by Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) last year.

Ohtani, who had been like that, slowed down in August, and until the 13th, he only hit 1 home run in 11 games. It is a situation where he is catching his breath while skipping the starting pitching scheduled for this week. In the meantime, Olsen, who was aiming for the home run leader, picked up the pace, and in the first game of the double header against the New York Mets on the 13th, he hit a home run in succession, changing the rankings of the two players.

In particular, Olsen hit his 43rd home run of the season on the 14th, still maintaining the home run lead, and maintaining the gap with Ohtani by two. As Ohtani launches another home run, the competition between the two players is expected to intensify.

Meanwhile, the Angels avenged the previous day’s loss by beating Houston 2-1 thanks to Ohtani’s solo shot. Chase Silces, who took the mound as the starting pitcher that day, pitched 5 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts, and earned his 4th win of the season. was responsible

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