Head coach Kim Ho-cheol said, “In volleyball, fighting spirit, motivation, and a desire to win are important.”

On the 17th, in the home game in Hwaseong, he won 3-0 against Korea Expressway Corporation and successfully escaped his 4th consecutive loss. I think this is the weapon that won today’s game.”

“Actually, I thought it might not be an easy game today. I talked a lot with the players, but I was exhausted. The more times like this, the more players have to believe in each other and be in harmony. It is the players, not the coach, who will play in the game,” he emphasized. did.

Director Kim Ho-cheol emphasized the mental part, not the technical one.

Manager Kim said, 메이저놀이터“The players have to match their eyes a lot while playing. They have to act and express themselves. I think that part went well today.”

Regarding Choi Soo-bin as a libero, coach Ho-cheol Kim said, “There were a lot of mistakes in the last game. I told him to forget it quickly. Both defense and reception today (Choi Soo-bin) did better than I thought,” with a satisfied look on his face.

Lastly, coach Kim Ho-cheol said, “The next five consecutive matches are the most important. I thought that if we win today, we will be able to go the way we can. The players should feel the difference between the match so far and today’s match. We need attachment. We need to show something more active in front of many fans,” he concluded the interview.

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