Han Hyun-hee, ‘special training in hell (?) with lots of love from coaches’ 2023 Spring Camp

The sound of music resonated in the spring camp training ground, where only the sound of the wind passing by and the sound of players batting could be heard.

The main character of the song is Han Hyun-hee (3+1 year 4 billion), who transferred from Kiwoom to Lotte. Han Hyun-hee is attending the 2023 Lotte Spring Camp held in Guam this time, receiving lots of affection from the coaches and is training with all his might.

After a light warm-up in the morning, Han Hyun-hee had a hellish (?) running time under the guidance of conditioning coach Kim Hyun-wook. According to the pitching team’s coaching staff’s request to improve basic physical strength and lose as much physical strength as possible, conditioning coach Kim Hyun-wook trained the players. 카지노사이트

Unlike the morning when she warmed up with a smile, Han Hyun-hee ran and ran and ran until she couldn’t breathe. However, because she is such a cheerful player, she went to training without showing any signs of tiredness, and she seemed to get along with the Lotte players without hesitation.

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