Futures ‘explodes’ with 6 HRs in 11 at-bats…Heroes in crisis, 37-year-old veteran catcher close to returning to action

The return of Kiwoom Heroes veteran catcher Lee Ji-young (37) is getting closer.

On the 13th, Lee Ji-young felt a symptom 안전놀이터 of phlegm in her neck and withdrew from the first team entry. It was the first time Lee Ji-young was left out of the first team entry for the season. At the time, coach Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom said, “I said I didn’t come out because of that (throat symptoms). He is a player who takes care of his body more than anyone else.”

Lee Ji-young is the spiritual support of Kiwoom players. He has not only a stable pitching lead, but also excellent leadership. He played in 81 games before dropping down to the second team, where he had a batting average of .249 with 54 hits, 8 RBIs and 23 points. He was a player who was a great force for the team outside of grades.

Jiyoung Lee started as the 5th hitter and catcher in the match against the Hanwha Futures team held at Goyang Stadium on the 25th. Lee Ji-young, who played full-time, recorded 2 hits and 1 RBI in 5 at-bats. It has been about two years since Lee Ji-young played the Futures game on August 7, 2021, after the NC match.

On the 27th, he focused on batting as the third hitter and designated hitter instead of the catcher mask. His first at-bat was retired on a shortstop grounder, but he got a heavy hit in the third inning. He pulled off a hit to the right in the 6th, a hit to the middle in the 7th, and a hit to the left in the 9th after a grounder on third base in the 4th inning. On this day alone, he went 4-for-6 with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored. He had the most hits for both teams. It was also impressive that he made hits in a variety of courses.

Currently, Kiwoom catchers are led by two young catchers, Kim Dong-heon and Kim Si-ang. Kim Si-ang, who has recently been getting a chance to start, showed his presence by wielding his first multi-hit and 6 hits in 11 at-bats in three consecutive weekend matches with Samsung. Kim Dong-heon, who was named in the Kiwoom catcher camp with Lee Ji-young from the opening day, is also making his debut season while gaining experience. From September 1, he can add five more players per team. Three different players can be a force to raise.

Currently, Kiwoom is at the bottom of the league with 47 wins, 69 losses and 3 draws. With 25 games remaining, they have to play an all-out war to avoid being at the bottom of the league.

There is no Lee Jeong-hoo, and Lee Yong-gyu is also excluded from the first team entry. It is a situation where the power of veterans is needed in the other line. Will Lee Ji-young come back and be a big help to the team?

On the other hand, on the 27th, Kiwoom Future Steam Goyang won 15-11 against Hanwha. In the 9th inning alone, he scored 7 points and won the come-from-behind victory. With one out and bases loaded in the ninth inning, Kim Gun-hee hit a walk-off home run to end the game.

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