From Jamsil to Daegu, from Daegu to Jamsil… Samsung, a special helper match to help new Doosan coach

In the 2023 season, not only the leadership that new coaches will show off, but also the confrontation between renowned head coaches is considered one of the things to see.

In particular, there is more interest in two teams, Samsung and Doosan. Both teams appointed new managers after the 2022 season. In August of last year, Samsung decided to head coach Park Jin-man, who led the team as an acting manager, as the official manager, and Doosan drew attention by appointing Lee Seung-yeop, a “national hitter,” as the manager.

The two coaches, who were born in 1976 and were newly appointed to the helm, were exceptional in their selection of head coaches. Head coach Lee Seung-yeop called former head coach Kim Han-soo, who led Samsung from the 2017 season to 2019, as head coach. Manager Park Jin-man asked Lee Byung-gyu, a franchise star of LG, to become the head coach and lead the team with him.

It seems that the two figures, who were mainly in Jamsil and Daegu, changed their positions as head coaches. Senior coach Kim Han-soo joined Samsung in 1994 and has always played for one team, and he also led his life as a Samsung player. He was based in Daegu throughout his baseball life.

Lee Byung-gyu was a franchise star representing LG. After making a relationship with LG in the 1st nomination in 1997, he retired after the 2016 season. 바카라사이트

It is expected that the two new coaches will show new leadership with such a prestigious head coach by their side. I plan to use their experience to minimize the trial and error that will occur as a new manager.

Until recently, Lee Byeong-kyu, Samsung’s head coach, led Geelong Korea, a Korean team in the Australian Pro League. At Geelong Korea, prospects from each team came to check their potential. Doosan head coach Kim Han-soo took over the baton after the ‘Samsung Dynasty’ declined and went through the process of laying the foundation for the team. He recently took on the role of laying the groundwork once again as he took charge of Doosan, which had succeeded in advancing to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years and then finished 9th last year.

The 2023 season of professional baseball, which opens on April 1, is expected to draw attention with a head-to-head confrontation between star coaches. Samsung Head Coach Lee Byung-kyu wearing blue uniforms at Daegu Samsung Lions Park and Doosan Head Coach Kim Han-soo who will stand by Doosan Head Coach Lee Seung-yeop at Jamsil Stadium raise expectations of baseball fans waiting for the opening.

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