Fence too low for 6-foot-5 outfielder, batter ‘frustrated’ to have home run taken away

Long outfielder Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) robbed Teoscar Hernandez (Seattle Mariners) of a home run.

Hernandez hit a big shot off 메이저사이트 Albert Abreu with two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning against the New York Yankees in the 2023 Major League Baseball game at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, U.S., on June 30.

The ball sailed straight up and toward the fence, but there was Jersey, a 6-foot-3 outfielder, in the way. He leaped to catch the ball over the yellow home run line on the fence to end the inning.

At the plate, Judge hit his 16th home run of the season with the bases loaded in the third inning, then doubled with the bases loaded in the fifth and added his 17th home run of the season with one out in the sixth, totaling four hits (two home runs), three RBI, three runs scored and one walk.

After the game, Major League Baseball’s official website tweeted, “Jersey crossed the fence three times. Two for home runs and one for a stolen base,” the official MLB website reported. “Two home runs, a triple, and a walk,” manager Aaron Boone said with a smile.

The website continued, “According to STATS, Judge is the first player to hit two or more home runs and steal one in a game since July 30 last year. And he was the hero last year. He’s the first player in the last 30 years to do that twice.”

“I just made the best plays I could for my team,” Jersey said. I don’t know if it was my best defense today. If it was a close game or a game-ending play, it might have been my best catch,” he said humbly.

After the game, Hernandez expressed his frustration at being robbed of the home run in an unconventional way. He tagged Aaron Judge’s account on social media and wrote a simple “Why” post. Hernandez’s “cute” protest garnered more than 200,000 views in less than an hour.

“Brother, there were a lot of home run balls flying over my head this year, I just caught one,” Jersey wrote in response to Hernandez.

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