“Even if we miss a second baseman, there’s a utility category.” Kim Ha-Sung, who’s as good as anybody…competing with MVP candidates for the Golguks

Kim Ha-sung (28) of the San Diego Padres has been reborn as a valuable player of the team by showing off his versatility in all areas of offense and defense this year.

In the pitching staff, Blake Snell played the role of an ace with a pace to challenge the Cy Young Award, while in the fielders, Kim Ha-sung overturned everyone’s expectations and became a key player of the team. He supported the team by playing both shortstop and third baseman as well as second baseman, the centerline of the infield, as well as leadoff in the batting line and defense. No one can help but acknowledge Kim Ha-sung’s contribution and value this year.먹튀검증

All indicators say Kim Ha-sung’s greatness this season. While other players took breaks from time to time, Kim Ha-sung had to continue playing. Rather, Kim Ha-sung was so healthy and steadily active that he could not rest and was overworked. My grades went down gradually. In batting, he is batting .268 (132 hits in 492 at-bats) with 17 home runs, 58 RBIs, 35 steals, and OPS.771. The record of 20 home runs and 40 steals is just around the corner, but the pace has slowed down.

Kim Ha-sung’s defense index, which was unrivaled until the early and mid-season, also fell somewhat due to constant play and the emergence of competitors. The accumulated figures are large, but they have lost money. He is third in the National League’s second baseman with a Defensive Run Saved (DRS) figure of +7, an indicator of how many runs were prevented by rain. He is succeeded by Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs) and Bryce Turang (Milwaukee). Outs Above Average (OAA) is recording +4. He is third in the National League.

In various defensive indicators, it cannot be said that Kim Ha-sung has clearly booked the second baseman Gold Glove. However, with the production of many highlight films, Kim Ha-sung’s second base defense became famous in the entire country. In a survey of team coaches, scouts, and high-ranking officials in “Baseball America,” Kim Ha-sung was ranked No. 1 in the second baseman defense category.

Nevertheless, the reason why Kim Ha-sung’s gold glove prospects are bright is that he can also aim for a utility player gold glove, not a second baseman. Gold Glove, the utility player category, started winning awards last year to shed light on the performance and value of versatile players who travel to and from various positions.

This year, Kim Ha-sung played 777⅔ innings as a second baseman, 245⅓ innings as a third baseman, and 137⅓ innings as a shortstop. The defense capabilities of each position are also above average. He is recording shortstop +3 and third baseman +3 on the DRS indicator. This year, Kim Ha-sung’s DRS total is +13. If Kim Ha-sung had only played as a second baseman, he would have been able to have a +13 indicator. In the OAA indicator, third baseman +3 and shortstop 0. Indicators confirm that all have above-average defense.

“MLB.com ” mentioned whether San Diego players will be awarded the Gold Glove, citing what should be noted for the rest of the season. Kim Ha-sung’s name is also included, of course. The media said, “San Diego’s team defense was perfect this year and there will be a trophy that can be shown in November,” adding, “Fernando Tatis Jr., who has smoothly adapted to the new position, is believed to be a candidate for the right fielder gold glove. Trent Grisham, who already has two center field gold gloves, is also a third nominee.’

Kim Ha-sung can receive a gold glove at second base, otherwise he can be selected as the best utility player. Kim Ha-sung played as a second baseman for most of the time, but he played outstandingly in any position, including shortstop and third baseman,’ he said, explaining the legitimacy of Kim Ha-sung’s gold glove.

But there is also a strong competitor in the utility player category. Mookie Bettsuda, the National League MVP candidate. This year, Betts has a batting average of 312 in 137 games (165 hits in 529 at-bats) with 39 home runs, 103 RBIs, 13 steals, and an OPS of 1.019. Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta), who is trying to steal 40 home runs and 70 steals, is considered the MVP opponent. Acuña Jr.’s performance is .335, batting average (199 hits in 594 at-bats), 37 home runs, 87 RBIs, 66 steals, and OPS 1.002.

However, Betts is not only showing off his talent in attack but also showing off his “Yazal Zal” aspect in defense. Although his main position is right fielder, he played relatively many innings as an infielder as well as a right fielder due to team circumstances this year. He played 670⅔ innings as a right fielder, 391 innings as a second baseman, and 98 innings as a shortstop. The defense is not bad either. DRS is recording +4, 2nd baseman +6, and shortstop 0. Based on his excellent athletic ability, Betts is showing off his above-average defense even outside of his main position.

In early August, sports media “Blitzer Report” selected the best player “TOP10” by position at that time, with Betts ranked first in the utility category and Kim Ha-sung second. It is true that Kim Ha-sung’s gold glove is not easy. However, it is clear that Kim Ha-sung is having a season enough to challenge the history of Asia’s first gold glove.

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