Director Conte, who even received ‘Arsenal support’, “The surgery went well, I feel better”

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, who was worried by fans after undergoing gallbladder removal surgery during the season, sent his regards.

The Tottenham club announced on the 1st (Korean time), “Coach Conte will take a leave of absence and undergo surgery to remove his gallbladder.”

Conte is known to have been suffering from severe stomach pain for some time. As a result of the examination, the gallbladder turned red and swollen, and was diagnosed with cholecystitis and underwent surgery. He takes a leave of absence to focus on his recovery.

Tottenham has now come to an important point in determining whether or not they will achieve satisfactory results in three competitions: the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup.

In such a situation, the variable is that Conte is unlikely to be able to take the baton from the bench for a considerable amount of time.

First of all, coach Conte greeted me as if the surgery went well. Not only Tottenham fans, but also Arsenal, Tottenham’s north London derby rivals, are worried about him, including praying for his recovery.

Coach Conte said on social media on the 2nd, “Thank you for the lovely message. The surgery went well. He did not hide his will to return to the bench by putting a heart.

However, it seems that it will need quite a bit of recovery time, so coach Christian Stellini is expected to replace Conte in the 3rd and 4th games.

England’s ‘Talk Sports’ said, “It is uncertain when Conte will be able to return,” and “It seems highly likely that he will not be able to appear in the weekend home game against Manchester City (1:30 am on the 6th). AC Milan (Italy) and He could also miss the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League.” 안전놀이터

Tottenham will play an away Premier League match against Leicester City at 0:00 on the 12th following the match against Man City. Then, on the 15th, at 5:00 am, AC Milan and Champions League round of 16 1st leg away match is held, and the media claims that this match is also unclear.

As manager Conte is unlikely to be around for the time being, Tottenham is expected to have to overcome the digging with veteran players such as Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, and Hugo Lloris, centered on Coach Stellini.

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