Coach Viktor An was dropped, Choi Min-jung stepped in… “The selection process must be fair.”

While Viktor Ahn (37, Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo), a naturalized Russian citizen, applied for the position of coach of the ice team at Seongnam City Hall in Gyeonggi Province, but was rejected, Choi Min-jeong, a player from the city, said on the 31st, “Please help the players work with the coach they want.” stated its position.

On this day, Choi posted a ‘player’s position on coach recruitment’ on Instagram and said, “It is the players who play the game after all.” The city plans to announce the selection results for the ice team coaches on the same day.

In the entrance statement, the Seongnam City Hall ice club players said, “I think the coach selection process should be fair and transparent above all else, rather than being selected by outside influence.”

They said, “The Seongnam City Hall ice rink department has the largest number of former and current national team players.” “In order to lead such a great team, I think that among the applicants, a coach with the best coaching and managerial experience, excellent competency, and communication skills should come.” “he said.

He added, “I sincerely hope that the people involved will help me with this,” adding, “As a player belonging to Seongnam City, I will repay you with good grades.”

In the statement, Choi Min-jung, Lee Jun-seo, Kim Gil-li, Kim Gun-hee, Kim Da-gyeom, and Seo Beom-seok were named. Among them, Choi Min-jung, Kim Gil-li, Kim Gun-hee, and Lee Jun-seo are national short track athletes in the 2022-2023 season. 메이저사이트

On the 29th, Seongnam City said, “Through the screening of documents and interviews, various factors such as technology and communication skills were comprehensively judged, and opinions from ice skating world public opinion and media reports were also reflected in the evaluation.” revealed

When it became known that they applied for the Seongnam City Hall ice team coaching position, controversy arose fiercely. The Korea Ice Skating Leaders Federation issued a statement and criticized the two’s actions.

Viktor Ahn, who won three gold medals at the 2006 Torino Olympic Games, naturalized to Russia to continue his career as an athlete after Seongnam City Hall disbanded the ice team in 2011 due to financial problems. went up

Viktor Ahn, whose participation in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics was canceled due to a controversy surrounding the use of banned substances by the Russian team, later announced his retirement as a player and became a coach.

Former coach Kim led the Korean short track team at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and worked with Victor Ahn at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as the coach of the Chinese national team.

In this situation, as attention was focused on the background of the announcement of the entrance statement by the players of the Seongnam City Hall ice rink, Choi said on the morning of the day, “I posted the entrance statement submitted to Seongnam City on January 9th on social media.” I am posting an apology to the Seongnam City Hall officials and short track fans for posting the statement at the right time.”

Choi said, “It seems too cautious and arrogant for a player to make a statement about what kind of leader he wants, but the reason he mustered up the courage was because the virtues of the leader were put in the background and social issues were the main focus due to the recent stories surrounding the appointment of a coach at Seongnam City Hall. It was because the players had a bad heart.”

“What athletes want is to be in a situation where they can do their best in training and competition, nothing more, nothing less,” he said. .

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