‘Captain’ Ho-Nam Kim, “To pour all the spirit of Bucheon”

‘Bucheon FC 1995 Captain’ Kim Ho-nam’s resolution was different.

The Korea Professional Football Federation held the 7th media camp for the 2023 K-League winter field training at the Geoje Samsung Hotel in Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 13th. Bucheon FC was seated, and a media interview continued from 3:00 pm.

For Bucheon FC, 2022 was a season of great regret. They finished 4th in the regular round and advanced to the semi-playoffs. And in the game against Gyeongnam FC, as the score was maintained at 2-2 until the end of the second half, it was likely to advance to the playoffs. However, in extra time in the second half, he was eliminated as he dedicated a theater goal to Thiago.

Kim Ho-nam wore the Bucheon uniform ahead of last season. And as a veteran player, he led Bucheon of young players with leadership by example. As a result, he was recognized for his contributions during the season and signed a new contract until 2024. Kim Ho-nam wears the captain’s armband for the 2023 season and challenges promotion once more.

Kim Ho-nam said, “I enjoy every day of winter training this season.”

Q. The alleged background and determination

“The background is simple. The coach told me to do it. It is simple. The appointment of the vice-captain was completely entrusted to me. Since the team is young, the team atmosphere had to be positive and bright. After looking for positive players, I chose Kim Jun-hyung and Lee Joo-hyun. I want to show it with my body rather than determination. I think that the players will naturally follow after laughing and having fun playing football first. I have so much fun. I am having fun. I hope the players follow me well. I think I need to make a good point of contact between enjoyment and seriousness so that I can do it when I do it.”

Q. Last year and current team atmosphere

“The atmosphere has always been good since last year. Memories of last year were concentrated in the second half, but it seems to have a bigger effect due to closer timing. Results were good and we went to the playoffs. However, there is a feeling of pressure within the team. There were a lot of them. Since it is before the season, there is no pressure on the performance, so they are much more friendly and laugh a lot than in the second half of last year. Of course, as the season approaches, I think everyone will become more sensitive.”

Q. Playoff goals amid changes in the squad

“I think it’s absurd for any team or player to be sure of the playoffs. First of all, we have to do it. After the first or second rounds, a certain outline will come out. Then, even if we lose, we quickly find and organize improvements. I think that if we reorganize and devise a strategy to suit ourselves, we can somehow make it to the playoffs. As captain, I will play the role of assisting the coach. Even if there are trial and error in the beginning, I have confidence that I can break through well.”

Q. Renewing the contract during the last season (until 2024), the new season

“First of all, I am very grateful to the coach. I found that this time playing soccer despite a major injury was so happy and enjoyable. The moment you adapt and adapt to this with your body I set a goal not to do that because I knew it would disappear. As a result, I enjoy every day of winter training this season. Other athletes say that it is long and boring, but I have so much fun. It may be because I do not have children (laughs). Contract I have two years left, but I don’t know when an injury will come. There’s nothing else, just like last year, the idea is to be thankful every day. If that positive energy is delivered to the team, there’s nothing better than that.”

Q. Practice match against Incheon (former team) in winter training 카지노사이트

“I shared a lodging. I lived almost like a team. Also, because coach Cho Seong-hwan was there, and coach Cho Seong-hwan was made up of a comfortable coaching staff, all the people who were with me were there. As the players matched the coach’s style, there were many players I knew. .It seemed like I came to the reunion. I really enjoyed it. Incheon invested a lot and the coach had continuity, so it became extremely hard. Now I felt that I was in the ranks of a strong team. Jerso, Hernandez, Myeongju, and Jinho hyung did well. It was really fun.”

(Incheon’s good performance) “It’s so good. It’s really good. I really like the coach doing well, and I like that the team is doing well because I have a lot of acquaintances. Because it was good, we were able to do it with a smile because we were doing well together. I hope this year is better. We will be promoted and go to the derby.”

Q. To the Bucheon fans (disappointment due to the departure of the main axis, expectations for the new students)

“Before winter training, when I met the Bucheon fans, they were very worried. I am a professional player, so I can understand the pros and cons, but fans are heartbroken when their favorite players leave. .Still, the new players are so good. Those players are also humble and are working hard to integrate into the team. Even if it doesn’t work well at first, if the fans are generous enough to help the players adapt well, I think they’ll adapt quickly. I would be grateful if you continue to support me as you are now. I don’t know anything else, but I will become a leader who helps the team pour out the spirit of Bucheon on the field.”

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