Bordalas, who said, “I wanted to catch Lee Kang-in,” is nominated as the next manager

This is sports news. A Spanish coach has been nominated for the leadership of our national soccer team. Jose Bordalas, who loved Lee Kang-in, is the former Valencia coach. This is the first time a specific name has come out since Bento left.

This is reporter Onnuri.


Coach Bordalas, who led Valencia in the Primera Liga, was mentioned as a candidate for the national football team. 바카라사이트

Today (18th), Spain’s local media Cadenasar said, “The Korea Football Association has contacted coach Bordalas.”

Coach Bordalas took charge of Getafe in 2016 and promoted them to the first division, then placed the team in 8th place the following year and 5th the following year, recording the club’s best record ever and winning the Europa League ticket.

A leader who emphasizes the promotion process while leading a team that is slightly underpowered. He mainly values ​​strong pressure and defense in a 4-4-2 formation.

After that, he took charge of Valencia for a year, and looking back at that time, he confessed that he “wanted to hold Lee Kang-in.”

[Bordalas/Former Valencia coach: (Lee Kang-in) was a player with personality, a player who played soccer hard without frowning. However, it was already decided to leave, and I couldn’t do anything.]

Regarding this, an official from the Korea Football Association said, “We are contacting several directors as candidates,” and said, “We will finish the appointment of the director by mid-February.”

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