After two strikes, I have to hit a batting average of 49%, strikeout rate of 70.7%, 180km ML-class batting… Will I get a steady chance?

LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop called the hot weather in July and August a “time of backup.” He said that if he continues to use the main players in the hot summer, he will use backup to give the main players a break because his physical strength may drop and he may suffer later.

Coach Yeom picked Lee Jae-won and Kim Min-sung and Son Ho-young as backup starters to replace the main players. Lee Jae-won replaces토토 가입머니 즉시지급left-handed outfielders such as Hong Chang-ki, Park Hae-min, and Moon Sung-joo, while Son Ho-young replaces shortstop Oh Ji-hwan. Kim Min-sung supports infielders at first, second, and third bases.

In particular, coach Yeom expressed his intention to use Lee Jae-won often in the future. “If you let Hong Chang-ki, Park Hae-min, and Moon Sung-joo rest, Lee Jae-won will naturally go out often,” he said. “Lee Jae-won trained a lot instead of failing to get out of the batting sense in June.” I came out early to do batting training and after the game, I did batting training. “The batting coaches suffered too much,” he said. Head coach Yeom said, “If Lee Jae-won’s batting sense is not bad, I will continue to use him.”

Unfortunately, the backup time that coach Yeom thought of was difficult from the match against the KT Wiz in Jamsil on the 5th, the first day. Lee Jae-won still had a bad hitting sense, and Kim Min-sung was replaced early because he was not feeling well. Son Ho-young caused anxiety by making a mistake linked to a run.

The most unfortunate player is Lee Jae-won. Lee Jae-won started as the second-left fielder on the day, but only had two strikeouts in three at-bats. In his first at-bat in the bottom of the first inning, he hit a 136km cutter that was slightly higher in the middle of the fourth pitch in 2B1S, but was out with a center fielder fly.

It was too bad for his second at-bat with no outs and runners on second base, which he chased 2-4. It was an opportunity to bring about the flow by chasing 2-4 with Hong Chang-ki’s two-run double. If second baseman Hong Chang-ki was brought home, he could have pressured KT by chasing by one point.

Opposition starter Benjamin also appeared to be shaking by throwing two consecutive first pitches. Lee Jae-won hit three consecutive fouls after sending a strike for the third pitch. In the seventh pitch, a bat went out on a 139-kilometer falling cutter, but struck out swinging.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, trailing 2-6, his ability to cope with the manned ball was also poor. He started aggressively from the beginning. Lee Jae-won, who made a foul by hitting a 133km change-up in the first pitch, missed a 136km drop cutter in the second pitch. He chose a curve that fell 122km low in the third pitch, but Lee Jae-won could not stand the fourth pitch. He struck out again on a 137-kilometer cutter. Soon after, he was replaced by Moon Sung-joo in the top of the sixth inning due to defense.

Yoo In-gu’s response, which has been pointed out since his debut, is still not good. With 5 strikeouts in 6 at-bats in 2S, 1 at-bats in 1B2S, 1 at-bats in 14 at-bats in 1B2S, 12 at-bats in 2B2S, 1 at-bats in 41, and 2 at-bats in 3B2S, his batting average remains at 49 and 29 strikeouts. The strikeout rate is 70.7 percent. As such, the coping ability is too low in 2S.
Even if you want to consistently use him, you will be reluctant to put in Lee Jae-won without the main player who plays well in this situation. It’s a year I chose after giving up my military service. Head coach Yeom promised to use him steadily, but his position has already been reduced due to three injuries, and it has been further reduced due to sluggishness. When will we be able to see the power of a tremendous batting speed of more than 180km again.

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