‘2nd year in Korea’ Kangwon Kevin “I LIKE Bulgogi… I will beat Ulsan with Swedish friends”

Kevin from K-League 1 Gangwon FC shared his feelings about entering the second year of his life in Korea.

On the 10th, Gangwon held a media camp for the 2023 season K-League winter field training at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan and interviewed the players. Kevin, who is in his second season in Gangwon following last season, talked about his life in Korea and his future goals.

Kevin, who had been playing in Europe for the first time when he joined Gangwon last year, said, “There are differences between Korea and Europe in terms of daily life, but I am so happy to live in Korea. People are kind to me. The food is delicious. Especially the bulgogi It fits best in the mouth,” he said.

He also said that his relationship with the team is good. Kevin said, “I’ve been friends with Dino since I was in Sweden, so I’m close with him. Except for Dino, I became close with Gallego while spending the last season.”

He continued, “Since there are not many players in the team who can speak English perfectly, I am not close with everyone, but I am close with Kim Dae-woo, who is the same age as me. I can speak Spanish, and Kim Dae-woo also speaks Spanish after a brief trip to Spain. Good relationship. “he added.

Kevin is from Sweden. Coincidentally, Swedish mercenaries have been added to the K-League this season. Ulsan Hyundai signed Rubiksson and Boyanich. It was Kevin who recommended the K-League to the two players.

Kevin said, “I recommended the K-League to Rubiksson. Apparently, we play football that is very different from Europe, and the pressure in the K-League is very strong. He told me that it wasn’t bad either. I haven’t met him yet since I came to Korea.”

Kevin’s main position is center back, but he also played as a midfielder for Gangwon last season.

Regarding this, he said, “Before coming to the club, I played as a center back and midfielder in Sweden, so there was no difficulty in adapting.” I ran. It wasn’t too difficult, and I think it’s comfortable to play as a midfielder now. No matter where the coach puts me, there’s no problem at all,” he confidently said.

He also didn’t mind competing with Choi Yong-soo’s favorite pupil, Ali Bayev.

Kevin said, “It is a very normal thing in soccer for a new player to come and compete with that player. “I’m focusing on doing my best in training and helping the team go higher.”

The goal this season is to record offensive points. 온라인카지노

Kevin said, “In the case of last year, I joined the team in the middle of the (Europe) season, so I wasn’t 100% physically fit.” I want to help achieve this, and personally, if I get a chance, I want to record an attack point.”

The most memorable teams in the K-League were three teams.

Kevin said, “Last year, when I played the K-League, Ulsan and Jeonbuk were the most difficult teams to play against. Pohang was also difficult. The pressure was aggressive and strong. We held the ball for a long time and defended for a long time. Very impressive. was,” he said.

“This season, I really want to beat Ulsan with Rubikson and Boyanich. In particular, I want to show a better appearance when we face each other because Boyanich is the same midfielder,” he laughed.

Finally, he said, “I will do my best every day, whether in training or in matches. I will help the team achieve better results than last year.”

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