1 run in 5 innings isn’t enough… Widener, Goo Chang-Mo join the lineup… A reshuffle is in order

Ahead of their game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Friday, NC Dinos manager Kang Myung-ho shared his thoughts on reorganizing the starting lineup, mentioning Choi Sung-young, who won the game the day before (24).

Choi Sung-young, who pitched as a replacement for Koo Chang-mo, who was removed from the first team roster to manage his physical condition, earned the start with five innings of five-hit ball, five walks, four strikeouts and one run. His pitches weren’t the best, but he still managed to get out of the jam and lead his team to victory.

Coach Kang said, “It wasn’t bad. 메이저사이트 There were parts where I wasn’t aggressive, but I can understand her feelings. It’s been a long time since I’ve started a game, so I understand that I’m trying to show a good performance and throwing hard. That’s how a pitcher feels,” he said, adding, “I’m sure it wasn’t in my mind. But I think I did my part, other than the fact that I had a lot of strikeouts,” he explained.

“There’s definitely a desire to pitch well because you think you might get the next start. I want to say that I pitched well enough,” he emphasized.

In the current starting lineup, Choi Sung-young, Shin Min-hyuk, Lee Jae-hak, and Lee Yong-jun are competing for a spot in the first team. But with the return of Taylor Widener and Koo Chang-mo, someone will have to drop out of the starting rotation. Widener pitched against Hanwha on the 28th, and Koo will be back in the rotation next week.

Even Choi Sung-young, who pitched five innings of one-run ball, is not a sure thing. Lee Yong-jun, who starts today, and Lee Jae-hak, who is scheduled to start against Hanwha on the 27th, should also be on guard.

Manager Kang Myung-ho revealed his intention to reorganize the starting lineup after all the starts this week. He said, “Since camp, we have always prepared different players in the starting lineup, and we can see that we have prepared well just by showing our performance when there are gaps at important moments. Thanks to that, we are doing well in the midst of difficulties. We made a lot of adjustments while missing four players, including Shin Min-hyuk, Koo Chang-mo, and Widener Song Myung-ki,” he said, adding, “After watching Lee Jae-hak pitch on Saturday and Widener returning, I think we’ll have to reorganize the starting lineup once in the next week or so.”

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